Ramadan Calendar 2019 Fasting Timetable Ramazan Sehri-Iftari Date Timings

Ramadan Calendar 2019 Fasting Timetable Ramazan Sehri-Iftari Date Timings: Ramadan is the Islamic month of the Islamic calendar. It is the ninth month of that calendar. All the Muslims observe this month and abstain from food. There are the five pillars of the Islam. The month and the time table of the Ramadan Islamic period are created according to the moon phases and crescent. It is based on the astronomical calculations. Ramadan is very special month for Muslims all around the world and the word Ramadan is root from Arabic tradition words. In the Arabic, the meaning of Ramadan is dryness or scorching heat. Fasting is most important for every Muslims all around the world but it is not compulsory for those who are ill, travelling, pregnant, breastfeeding and other disease. Fasting in the month of Ramadan is Wajib that’s means an obligatory.

Ramadan Sehr o Iftar Fasting Timetable Ramzan Calendar Date Timings 2015

Ramadan Calendar 2019 Timetable

During the fasting peoples are refrained food, water and smoking. They are also refrained the sexual relation during this Islamic month. Some of the peoples say that we also must refrain from swearing. During the fast people can take the food before the sunset and after the sunset. This is the time of taking food because during the day you must refrain from food and drink.

In the month of the Ramadan people continue recitation of Quran and pray to god for their blessing. They believed in the blessing of Allah and fasting is the way to take those blessings. This Islamic month increased the prayers of the peoples.


(SEHR-O-IFTAR TIME – اوقات سحر و افطار)

1 Mon 06 May 04:30 AM 7:05 PM
2 Tue 07 May 04:29 AM 7:05 PM
3 Wed 08 May 04:28 AM 7:06 PM
4 Thu 09 May 04:27 AM 7:07 PM
5 Fri 10 May 04:26 AM 7:07 PM
6 Sat 11 May 04:26 AM 7:08 PM
7 Sun 12 May 04:25 AM 7:08 PM
8 Mon 13 May 04:24 AM 7:09 PM
9 Tue 14 May 04:23 AM 7:09 PM
10 Wed 15 May 04:23 AM 7:10 PM
11 Thu 16 May 04:22 AM 7:10 PM
12 Fri 17 May 04:21 AM 7:11 PM
13 Sat 18 May 04:21 AM 7:11 PM
14 Sun 19 May 04:20 AM 7:12 PM
15 Mon 20 May 04:19 AM 7:12 PM
16 Tue 21 May 04:19 AM 7:13 PM
17 Wed 22 May 04:18 AM 7:13 PM
18 Thu 23 May 04:18 AM 7:14 PM
19 Fri 24 May 04:17 AM 7:14 PM
20 Sat 25 May 04:17 AM 7:15 PM
21 Sun 26 May 04:16 AM 7:15 PM
22 Mon 27 May 04:16 AM 7:16 PM
23 Tue 28 May 04:15 AM 7:16 PM
24 Wed 29 May 04:15 AM 7:17 PM
25 Thu 30 May 04:15 AM 7:17 PM
26 Fri 31 May 04:14 AM 7:18 PM
27 Sat 01 June 04:14 AM 7:18 PM
28 Sun 02 June 04:14 AM 7:18 PM
29 Mon 03 June 04:13 AM 7:19 PM
30 Tue 04 June 04:13 AM 7:19 PM

Ramzan Calendar Date Timings 2019

The Muslim origin of this month also referred as the natiq and due to the inter calary days, this Islamic period comes in the warm season mostly. It is said and believed by many people that the initial revelation of Prophet Mohammed was sent in this Islamic month. Then the Allah proclaimed to Prophet Mohammed for fasting for their sake.

This is the new innovation started from that and that was the origin of Muslims by Prophet Mohammed. Quraysh tribe and Jews are used during each day of this Islamic period. It pointed two different event of the day that is the day Noah that left the ark and another event of the day is moses that was saved by the Egyptians by God. This Islamic month is guided to peoples to fully devote for Allah. This devotion towards Allah, give many blessing to them. This Ramadan gives you many things towards Islam and worship fro Allah.

Happy Ramadan 2019 to all of you 🙂

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