Rio 2016 Olympics: Laptop, Shirts Stolen As Australian Athletes Are Evacuated

Rio 2016 Olympics: Laptop, Shirts Stolen As Australian Athletes Are Evacuated :- The world’s biggest mega sporting event ‘Rio Olympics 2016’ is just a few days away from setting the heat in the country of Football, Brazil.

Kitty Chiller (2nd R), Chef de Mission for Australia at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, leads a news conference with boxers (L-R) James Whateley, Daniel Lewis, and Shelley Watts, in which she described the problems that her country's delegation encountered with the athletes' housing in Rio de Janeiro, July 25, 2016. REUTERS/Rickey Rogers

But, several tragic incidents has raised a few concerns about the security issues in this upcoming Olympics.

Recently, the chief ‘Kitty Chiller’ said on Sunday that a laptop and teams shirts have been stolen from the Australia building at the  in the athletes’ village at the Rio Olympics.

According to sources, the shirts and a laptop belong to a cycling official. Kitty chiller also revealed that three unidentified people were seen with the stolen t-shirts in the hotel during the evacuation of the building when fire caught in the basement of the Australia building and laptop was stolen from the cycling officials room on the fifth floor.

She also told that” there are 1500 beds in this hotel and it is very usual to see numbers of peoples walking around the building lobbies. And there are also numbers of identified workers,  housekeepers, maintenance workers, but I am not blaming anyone, it’s just a thing on which we should watch out”.

Although, when Chiller was asked about the terror attack, she told that there are no extreme concerns here but we all told to lock our rooms and be more attentive towards our belongings.

Earlier reports were there that the toilets of the hotel room were not in the proper condition and the fire that was caught in the basement was also because of the cigarette.

Meanwhile, this is not the first case in the Rio Olympics which raises a lot of question about the security arrangements in Brazil.

Earlier, the electronic equipment of other players was also stolen, also a player was robbed during his practise session. 

Now, the extra security has been increased and four extra security guards are arranged at the front gate to make sure this kind of stuff will never happen in future.

Meanwhile, all the players from others countries are advised to wear the long shirts as a protection against the Zika virus linked to neurological problems in adults and  birth defects in newborn babies and possible .