Risk of Rain 2 Released; Coming Soon on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One

Risk of Rain 2 Released; Coming Soon on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One: Being developed by Hopoo Games, Risk of Rain 2 released on August 30 which is a third-person shooter roguelike video game. The game has been released for early access versions for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Risk of Rain 2

Earlier on March 2019, the Hopoo Games already released its early access on Microsoft Windows. If this is the first time that you’re hearing about Risk of Rain 2, let us enlighten about it more. The game was initially developed by a two-student team from the University of Washington under the name Hopoo Games.

Originally, the game was a student project, which was funded through a Kickstarter campaign in order to improve the title, as well as it was published by Chucklefish to Microsoft Windows in November 2013.

Risk Of Rain 2 Physical Switch Release Confirmed

At that time, the OS X as well as Linux versions was premiered as part of a Humble Bundle in October 28, 2014. Ports for the PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation Vita, established with assistance from Code Mystics, were released on April 12, 2016. After that an Xbox One was released in August 2019.

At present, Risk of Rain 2 marks has made the return of 2013’s classic roguelike, but at the same time has added a whole new dimension to it. While the first game was a 2D action game, Risk of Rain 2 is a fully 3D title.

The gameplay of Risk of Rain 2 follows the same approach as the first title, where one to four players must headway numerous different levels while killing the enemies at the same time. On every single level, the goal is to find a teleporter, which is randomly located on the level; as soon as it is activated, the players must guard themselves from an attack of aliens, which also comprises of boss characters up till the teleporter is completely active. Killing the aliens also advances experience along with the currency; the currency can be then later used to buy several upgrades from automated stations on the level.

The upgrades offers a wide range of boosts to the players resounding them, as well as deliver both synergistic effects along with the prospective to stack to if numerous copies of the same upgrades are developed.

Hopoo Games, on its launch into Early Access has offered Risk of Rain 2 with a “buy one, get one free” promotion for the initial few days. A week from release, Hopoo declared that more than 650,000 players had played the game, along with this about 150,000 of those have also taken benefit of the special promotion. The game had exceeded 1 million units sold, within a month of early access release.