Sab Yaad Rakha Jayega Poet Aamir Aziz, Bio, Wiki

The poem Sab Yaad Rakha Jayega recently went viral on the internet on the protest of CAA, NRC & NPA was sung by the Poet and Singer Aamir Aziz who was once a student of Jamia Milia Islamia. The question came Why everyone is talking about the Aamir Aziz in 2020 Is he celebrity or TikTok Start. The answer is Pin Floyd a British Band’s member Waters sang this song in the London Protest “Everything will be remembered, Everything recorded” he mentioned the kid who sang this poem has a bright future. Aamiz Aziz went viral and big media houses rushed toward him for the interview.aamir aziz

In the protest of CAA, NRC & NPA this song went viral and the big media house Quint invited him to sing for them. Here the big question Why a young guy needs to sing a song like this? In the lyrics, you will find the pain and fear in heart of Muslims in India and he is trying to speak loud against the Government that roll back you act of CAA, NRC and NPA because it is not required for us. We born here, we raised here, we will die here. We don’t have papers to show you our citizenship.

The chronology of BJP Government is un-understandable they want everybody to show their document to prove their citizenship and the main thing is that your Aahaar Card, Voter ID card, Ration Card, PAN Card and even Passport will not work. You have to show the records of Land Paper and past voter card list. In that case, the government will not accept the existing document which was used by the voters who voted them and made them Government. The President of India should take the power in his hand demolished the Government because all the documents we have are useless according to the Government.

These funny and idiotic things only happen in India. That is the reason Muslim people are feared in India and they are protesting and trying to force the Government to roll back. Apart from the protest, we are here for the Aamir Aziz the boy who came from Bihar to Delhi o study and in college days found himself an artist and later joined the drama classes in his college and later become Singer and Poet.Divyanshu yadav DekhNews

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