Shark Tank Finale LIVE Updates: EyeWris Reading Glasses Viral After Show

Today, we are sharing information about Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 22 witnessed entrepreneurs Mark and Kenzo. This time Mark and Kenzi are making headlines on social media platforms. They come in the Shark Tank show, with solves the problems of the people who wear glasses on a daily basis. Now, after getting their product famous, now people want to know who are they. What do they do? People have many quarries regarding this news. This news is circulating on the internet. If you want to know the complete information about this news, continue with this page until the end. Let’s read in detail.


Shark Tank Finale LIVE Updates

According to the sources, Mark is a founder of the Eyewris company. As per reports, he is a woodworker. He always needed a strong glue when he is doing work. Further, he founded a strong glue name Gorilla Glue. His glue company name is Gorilla Glue. His son’s name is Kenzo who is a singer. He both invented a flexible glass. You can also wear their glass on your wrist. But, recently both on the social media headlines. People want to know what happened to their company after the Shark Tank.

As per reports, father and son invented comfortable eyeglasses. He was born the ” Eyewris”. While Mark and Kenzo were seen on the Indian show Shark Tank. They appeared in season 14 of the Shark Tank. While reading glasses are very important for the population. Regular users of glasses know the problem it is to keep carrying every time. One of the main problems of losing them can be more irritating. But, after the all problems, the Eyewris company came up with an effective solution. This company introduced reading glasses. You can also wear this glass on your wrist like a watch.

Moreover, after appearing in Shark Tank, this product gained huge popularity after launch. In just a few months this company gained massive customers. People are very curious to try these new glass features. This company’s quality and demand are high in the market. There is no one who competes with their product. The company name is Eyewris. The founder of this company is Mark and Kenzo Singer. The glass was invented in 2022. The deal was finalized for this product at $125k for 20% equity. This company headquarters is in Santa Barbara, California, United States. You can buy this product on the Amazon app. They became famous after sharing their product information in Shark Tank.

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