Small Plane Crashes Into Mumbai Construction Site, 5 Dead

Small Plane Crashes Into Mumbai Construction Site, 5 Dead:  5 people were killed post a small plane crashed into a construction site which is a thickly populated suburb of Mumbai on this late afternoon.

The flight was about to land at the Mumbai airport but at that period it was crashed, unfortunately, some distance away in Ghatkopar, which killed all 4 people on the board — two pilots and two maintenance engineers.

One man was also killed because the flight was crashed at a spot that sits next to the numerous high-rise residential buildings.

In 2014, a Beechcraft King Air C 90 twin-turboprop, The plane, was sold by the Uttar Pradesh government to a Mumbai-based company, UY Aviation.

“The deal was done after the plane had met with an accident in Allahabad,” UP official Avnish Awasthi was quoted as telling ANI.

Praful Patel, the Former civil aviation minister tweeted that the pilot saved many lives at the cost of her own, by turn sharply to avoid crashing in a busy area of the city.

As per the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the 12-seater plane had taken off from the Juhu airstrip which was part of the test flight system.

In visuals on TV and social media, flames and black smoke were seen rising from the wreckage which shown in the TV. A large crowd gathered around the debris, some people has been seen carrying umbrellas in the rain, as firemen sifted from side to side the debris.

“There was a huge explosion and the adjacent tree caught fire and the fire spilled on the streets,” a man told the press NDTV.

“Initially we assumed an electric box in the under construction building must have caught fire but when we checked out the spot, we found the charred body of a man who apparently was on bike when the plane crashed,” he added.

It took over an hour to put out the fire.

“There was a loud bang and then we saw the plane,” said a teenager who lives in the neighbourhood.

A resident of an apartment complex, Patel Niwas, added further: “We are used to planes flying overhead. We thought there was an explosion at the construction site. Only later we realized that a plane had crashed.”