Southbound Hwy Accident: At least One Dead After Vehicle Goes Off An Over Cross Onto Freeway in Galt

The news that we are sharing has been reported from Galt, California, United States of America. It has been reported that a fatal crash took over the life of a person. The tragic accident shocked the people. The news is being surfaced on the media channels. People are curious to know about the victim of the horrifying accident. The collision occurs between a sedan and a semi-truck. What were the circumstances that led to a terrifying accident? Is this was an intentional collision? The videos of the accident site are surfacing on the internet and various social media platforms. How many persons are injured in the fatal crash? We are going to share the news in detail so be with us till the end to know more about the recent accident that took place in California. Scroll down.

Southbound Hwy Accident

It has been reported that a sedan car collided with a semi-truck and trailer on Highway 99. The tragic incident happened at around 5.30 pm. The deadly crash happened at the C-street of the city of Galt. This location is near Liberty Road. The horrifying accident took place on Saturday. The accident was so horrific that all the lines of Southbound Highway 99 are blocked and there is not any direction by the Highway Patrol when the Highway will open. Traffic has been directed through the city.

Southbound Hwy Accident

The reports are telling us that a sedan car went uncontrolled and drove off the street road that is C street and suddenly came towards Freeway and collided with the semi-truck. The sedan was at high speed and it seems that the car was uncontrolled and went directly onto the Southbound 99 freeway and collided with a semi-truck. The driver of the sedan car died on the spot. Sacramento fire officials and the California Highway Patrol’s South Sacramento Division rushed to the accident spot.

The California Highway Patrol’s South Sacramento Division diverted the traffic to the central Galt Exit. The traffic is directed to go through the Frontage Road and get back to Highway at Fairway. The investigation is ongoing. The cleanup operation is also ongoing. It has been reported that two persons are injured and have been admitted to the hospital. The identities of the injured and deceased man have not been revealed yet. It is reported that the Truck driver was safe and went away from the scene. The officials towed away the truck at around 10:40 pm. One lane has been opened now as per the fresh reports. Further information is awaited. Stay tuned.

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