Speedraftaar Informative LLP Introduces New Logo to Match Their Unique Offerings

Speedraftaar’s recent logo change indicates a revamp is essential to remain at the top in the digital world. The company recently updated its logo, offering the brand a simpler yet powerful outlook. The news and educational information website opted for its name in its logo to ensure brand authenticity, with the underlining phrase “superfast news.”


Speedraftaar is a leading website offering wealth and educational news verified from top sources. A digital-first company, Speedraftaar brings the top news to its followers in less time. The brand covers news across India featuring current ongoings and educational offerings, policies, and more. 

The company is among the forerunners featuring valuable information for its clients, especially students and working professionals. They offer news about upcoming job vacancies, entry tests, insights on the job market, and more. 

For students, the website even offers answer keys for different government tests and also informs students about result announcement updates. 

A forerunner on the digital front, the company offers global news on the latest technology and technology updates regularly. In addition, also serves its readers with information in areas from recreation to entertainment. Moreover, all this information is easily accessible through their website with a few clicks. 

A notable benefit of this website is that users can look for the desired information free of cost. 

Speedraftaar Informative LLP has been operating since June 2019. Since then, it has garnered a community of fellow readers and students. Founded by Meerja Maqbul Baig, a blogger and web developer, along with co-founders MD Abdul and Mohammad Ashwaq, the company aims to reach out to the community and aid people with easily accessible and valuable information.

With this aim, the trio created a trending platform to aid professionals and students find information with ease otherwise difficult to access due to complex and numerous websites. With their background in web development, blogging, and content, the team has made Speedraftaar a whopping success.

When asked about their logo revamp, founder Meerja Maqbul Baig said, “change is essential and just like our website we want to be updated on all fronts.”

The company changed its earlier logo featuring a falcon and a newspaper with a star symbol indicating their excellence and success.

Explaining the idea behind their tagline, the founder said, “We hope that someday all types of information will be free and easily accessible everywhere in India. We aim to reinvigorate and encourage learning and struggle in the Indian population to propel the nation to success! Just like our information, we are sure our new logo can create a lasting impression amongst our users.”

Speedraftaar’s mission is to offer its users the best, most versatile, up-to-date, and valuable information in less time. The company features an easy-navigation website ensuring readers save their valuable time and money.



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