Who Is Mohammed Zubair? Why Was AltNews Co-Founder Mohammed Zubair Arrested? #IStandWithZubair Trending

Who Is Mohammed Zubair? Why Was AltNews Co-Founder Mohammed Zubair Arrested? #IStandWithZubair Trending: Recently, on Twitter, the co-founder of a fact-checking website named Altnews, Mohammed Zubair got arrested after the man tweeted something that has hurt the religious sentiments of lakhs of people. Zubair got arrested by the cyber unit of Delhi Police on Monday on charges of allegedly hurting religious sentiments after his tweet went viral that he did back in 2018. Here is the complete story on what actually led to his arrest and why he tweeted that.

Who Is Mohammed Zubair Why Was AltNews Co-Founder Mohammed Zubair Arrested IStandWithZubair Trending

Why Was AltNews Co-Founder Mohammed Zubair Arrested? Reason

According to the police statements it came to know that an FIR has been filed against him in a connection with compliance under IPC’s several sections such as 153-A  (promoting enmity between different groups) and 295-A (malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings). The officials have also stated that he has gone under remand in the custody and later will produce in the court for a hearing after Tuesday. If we talk about the one who filed the complaint so it was filed by a Twitter account named Hanuman Bhakt, who has a profile photo of Lord Hanuman, the man has 400 followers on Twitter. Well, if you stay in the touch with trends so you be in the swim that Zubari has been managing himself being in the headlines for a long time, here are some of his other movements that man has done.

You must have heard about Nupur Sharma, the lady who is getting love across the globe from lakhs of Hindus as the lady come up talking about Islam’s reality that is written in the holy Islamic Books. Earlier this month, Zubari highlighted some of the comments written by BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma on the Prophet, due to which the lady faced massive outrage across the globe mainly from the gulf countries.

Zubair’s detention was criticized by the Opposition, including Congress, TMC, AIMIM,  RJD, and the Left parties, which indicted the BJP-led NDA government of cracking down on those who “expose its hate speech and fake propaganda”. Well, the case is now in the court and soon he will produce in the court, till then keep scrolling on social media but don’t share any fake news or rumor because nowadays so many things are getting viral on the web due to which not everyone is getting happy and things do get worst just after a minute so stay away from the fake news. Stay tuned with us to get more updates.

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