Sushil Kumar to join WWE in November 2017

Sushil Kumar to join WWE in November 2017 :_ India’s two-time Olympics medalist Sushil Kumar is all set to make his WWE debut in the month of November in 2017. Well, we all knew that since October, Sushila had been approached by the pro-wrestling organizations such as WWE, TNA, but Sushil declined to the offer.However, the wrestling organization especially WWE keep approaching Sushil Kumar to join their franchise and represent the India and attract the most numbers of Indian-American viewers.

After several attempts from the WWE, finally Sushil Kumar has accepted the proposal, but he is yet to make a final call. The close source of Sushil Kumar informed media wing that ” Sushil Kumar refused to join the WWE, but the people from the organization keep trying and finally, negotiation has been settled regarding finance and WWE have accepted to pay any sum of amount to him.”

The source further added ” November will be a good time for him to give this entire format a shot, post the regular wrestling season and we have decided the amount, but Sushil has to make the final call whether hew would look to continue to the amateur wrestling of not.”

The close sourced also confirmed that if Sushil accepts the proposal, then he will only debut in the month of November in 2017. Meanwhile, Sushil Kumar is currently practicing at the Chhatarsal stadium in New Delhi.