Ana Ivanovic retires from Tennis at the age of 29

Ana Ivanovic, former No. 1 seeded Tennis player, has announced his retirement from the tennis at the tender age of 29. She retired because of the injuries problem which was causing a lot of trouble for her in continuing her career.Ana was at her peak in 2008 when she reached the No. 1 ranking, and throughout the year she was on the winning roll against the biggest opponent of the tennis and won 15 Tour titles, including the 2008 French Open. The tennis star player in a lie broadcast on Facebook said that ” it is a difficult decision, but there is a lot more to celebrate in life. Everyone knows that I have been surrounded by the injuries, and I can only succeed if I will play at my full potential, but injuries won’t allow me to do this.”

Ivanovic was the UNICEF national ambassador for Serbia in 2007, and she revealed that UNICEF is in her future plan as she added in a Facebook broadcast that ” I will look to explore and become the ambassador of health and sports and I will also have more time for my philanthropic activities with my work with UNICEF.”

The career of Ivanovic has been a career prone, but she will be remembered for being the No. 1 ranked player in the 2008 and for winning the 2008 French Open.

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