The Prank of sham ‘Sunny Leone’ tops Bihar job merit list will face an FIR and Strict actions

As per the latest news from Patna, Bihar on February 21, a candidate named Sunny Leone topping the merit list for recruitment of junior engineers in the Bihar Public Health Engineering Department went viral. The merit list showed as the shortlist candidates for the next stage of recruitment procedure for selection of contractual junior engineers.

The news went so viral that Bollywood actress Sunny Leone could not resist tweeting to express her pleasant surprise. She reacted in a happy as well as surprised way by expressing her happiness at her namesake’s performance. She tweeted, “HAHA, Im so glad the OTHER me has scored so well !!!!! lol…,”

The merit list on the PHED website showed Sunny Leone, son of Leona Leone born on 13 May 1991, on top of the around 17,000 candidates with an academic score of 98.5 per cent.

However, the trouble has just started for the person who played such a prank with the government system.

Principal Secretary, PHED, Jitendra Srivastava said the act is intolerable and an FIR would be lodged in contradiction of the candidate, as it was not just a mischief, but was a serious offence.

He said, “We will soon lodge FIR against the candidate under IT Act and various sections of the IPC and CrPC. It is tantamount to obstructing government work and impersonation, as the candidate has also uploaded the picture of the actress”.

Srivastava also added his statement by saying that the matter was being inspected and it made the clear that who is the person behind this. “When online applications are invited, any candidate can fill up wrong details, but it will be automatically rejected if the supporting documents are not provided at the time of counselling or interview for verification. However, it is presumed that candidates will fill up correct details”.

The particulars in list on the website was of the candidates themselves and had been posted online to seek out for objections/corrections, if any, till February 24 before the procedure of shortlisting would get proceeding to call the candidates for the next phase exam.

Mr. Srivastava  added, “For 214 posts, we will call 1000 candidates at a maximum for counselling on the basis of the merit list, as over 17000 candidates have applied. Filling up wrong information means spoiling others’ chances”.

The responses that Leone’s name aroused were sufficient to put the branch in limelight it would have done well without. In the charge again political atmosphere, department’s explanations passed little meaning, as the Opposition missed no time to round it up.

A tweet from the leader of Opposition Tejaswhi Prasad Yadav states, “Courtesy to CM Nitish Kumar’s “farzi topper banao, farzi naukri pao” education & recruitment policy ‘Sunny Leone tops Bihar junior engineer merit list with 98.5 marks. Another candidate named, ‘BVCXZBNNB” has also made it to the top 3rd rank of the list”

By seeing the matter getting political implications, department minister Vinod Narayan Jha also  had to make clear that the results of the junior engineer examination were not out yet. He said, “How could anyone top the exam without publication of results?”

He added by saying the department would investigate and look into the matter as to what precisely occurred and how could such mischiefs be prohibited.

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