Tripura Poll Panel Postponed to April 6: Tribal Council Election Check Live Updates

The District Council Poll has been postponed officially by the State Election Commission for two days to April 6. The Tripura Zila Parishad election has been dismissed after the earlier days like Easter Sunday was celebrated by some political party and a Christian community. First, the election for the 30-member of Tripura Tribal Area Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) was scheduled on April 4, 2021, but due to Easter Sunday, it was being postponed by NIC.

Tripura Poll Panel Postponed

Presenjiy Bhattacharjee, Secretary of State Election Commission said in a notification, which is issued on Friday,” Several representations were received from political parties and other organizations in the state so that the commission could change the date of the election”. He added that it brought the attention of the poll because the voting was started on April 4 that will be inconvenient for peoples of the state as the day is going to be celebrated as Easter Sunday.

In view of the local importance of Eastern Sunday, the voting or election will take place on April 6 and the result will announce on April 10, 2021. On the other side, according to the census of 2011, there will be around 4.35 percent Christians in the state. It was first objected by The United Kristen Forum for Human Rights to postponed the election on April 4 and also, requested the State Election Commission to change the date.

Also, it was opposed by the opposition party CPI and Congress for the State Election Commission’s decision to hold the voting on Eastern Sunday.

On the other side, the Chairman of the Left Body Ganmukti Parishad, Mr. Jitendra Chaudhary also shared a post related to the voting on social media saying,” Eastern Sunday is going to be held on April 4, which is a special day for Christians and the State Election Commission should not have chosen the date for voting”. Also, it was shared that the election date should be changed because it is an important festival,” said Tapas Dey, State Congress Vice-President.

The list has come for the voters as there is a total of 8,65,040 voters are eligible to cast their votes at a total of 1,244 polling stations in the Zila Parishad Elections. According to the sources, the voting will be started at 7 AM and will continue till 9 PM. Here are a total of 185 candidates from various parties including BJP and its opposition party People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT), the Congress, and the Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance (TIPRA) have already submitted their nominations for the election of Tripura and the scrutiny paper should be completed by March 15.

The result will announce on April 10, 2021.

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