Turkey train crash: 24 die and 318 are injured following heavy rain

Turkey train crash: 24 die and 318 are injured following heavy rain : Well, reports are coming that 24 people have died and more than 300 are injured or in a need of hospital treatment. Sources are claiming that a train packed with weekend passengers derailed in northwest Turkey due to ground erosion afer heavy rains. Also, the reports are coming that the train with over 362 people on board, was traveling from the Edirne region on the Greek and Bulgarian borders to Istanbul’s Halkali station.

Sources are saying that the people need treatments a lot of them are still in shocked. Even though, Deputy Prime Minister Recep Akdag said 24 people died, in a sharp rise from the previous toll of 10. Overall, the situation is under control so far and people are looking quite surprised by this whole thing. The state-run Anadolu news agency quoted Akdag as saying search operations through the derailed train carriages had been completed Monday morning.

You all should know that Health Minister Ahmet Demircan said 318 people required treatment after the accident with 124 still hospitalised. You all can say that the things are little out of control for the people who are injures even though the government is trying to provide the relatable help for the injured and other people. Regional prosecutors have opened an investigation, with the two train drivers and three other railway workers summoned to give statements.

Also, the sources are claiming that the transport ministry said that the train had derailed as recent heavy downpours caused the ground beneath the track to erode away. Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan said that the latest checks on the rails had been made in April.  Television pictures showed several train carriages sprawled on their sides, and shocked injured passengers being taken away on stretchers as rescue workers. You all should know that this whole thing is pretty unpredictable and we are expecting that things will go out good.