What is Partnership Visa in the UK?

A partnership visa is a permit for persons who would like to enter or reside in the United Kingdom to continue their partnership with a British citizen, an individual with permanent residence (also known as permanent permission to remain), or a recognized refugee. To eradicate any confusion, there is neither a de facto visa, spouse visa, or partner visa. These three are all synonymous and refer to one visa. 

The distinction is whether you are asking for an offshore or an ashore spousal visa. If you’re seeking for a partnership visa, you must be in a de facto marriage, which implies you have already stayed together for 12 months, or in a Loving marriage, which implies you are wife and husband. Different individuals refer to it by various names, which might cause confusion. The Board of Immigration typically refers to these visas as Partner Visas.

Who is Eligible for Partnership Visa? 

To be a little more specific, a partnership Visa is eligible to spouses, proposed or non-proposed civil partner, unmarried couple that has been in a “live-in” relationship for the past two years, and fiancé(e). But more than that, you are capable of applying for a UK Partnership Visa if you’re

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Have a UK-recognized civil union or UK-recognized marriage
  • wedded to a residing British citizen or permanent resident
  • You have also been residing together for the last two years and can provide evidence.
  • You are married or possess a Fiance Passport UK and, therefore, will marry within six months of entering the United Kingdom.

British nationals can submit permission to stay applications on behalf of their spouse if they are qualified. You must also include their name and other information as the individual’s data.

Requirements for Getting UK Partnership Visa 

Before you hand in your request for a UK Partnership Visa, you are required to fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • Ensure that you have all of the necessary documentation. The following are the papers you must submit to the Office in order to obtain permission to stay in the United Kingdom:
    • Your official document of marriage or civil union
    • Documentation demonstrating that you and the spouse have lived jointly for the previous two years.
    • A genuine passport is required to obtain permission to reside in the United Kingdom.
    • A recognized certificate demonstrating English language proficiency
    • Accommodation documentation
  • Complete the “Genuine Partnership Test” successfully.
  • You must reach the required minimal annual income and fulfill the financial obligation.
  • Show that you are proficient when it comes to using the English language.
  • You, your partner, as well as any offspring should have evidence that you have secured adequate housing.
  • In order to obtain permission to stay, you will need to have your biometrics verified.
  • Based on the individual’s country of residency, one may be required to pass a diagnostic procedure to demonstrate that they do not have TB to continue living in the United Kingdom.

Other Visa Entitlements 

  • Candidates who are able to obtain a visa under the UK Partner visa program will be given a visa for a period of 30 months (if submitting for entrance clearance request from abroad) or 33 months (if submitting for entrance clearance request from inside the UK). 
  • Applicants who are granted a Partner visa or Spousal visa for the United Kingdom will be granted unrestricted access to the nation’s Health System as well as government universities. Dependents who qualify for the UK Partner immigration program may also be exempt from any limitations on their ability to work or pursue further education.
  • After an individual for a UK Spousal Visa or a Partner Visa has finished their first permit of residence, they are eligible to submit an application for a renewal of their partner visa underneath the UK Spousal Visa. Individuals who are accepted in their application have the opportunity to renew their marriage visa for an additional 2 years or more. 
  • Suppose candidates for a UK Partner visa have been living in the UK continuously for the previous five years as the spouse of an individual who is a British citizen or has permanently resided in the UK. In that case, they are eligible to submit an application for a UK settling visa.

How Total Law Immigration Lawyers Help Regarding Partner Visa 

It is crucial to note that if a candidate is refused a partner visa application during the examination, they may have trouble accessing the United Kingdom in the long term, even as a guest. Total Law Immigration Lawyers ensure that your application has the greatest chance of approval and is processed as fast, efficiently, and pleasantly as practicable. Here’s what they can do:

  • Detailed legal arguments to support your request make it very apparent why said application satisfies the criteria outlined in Appendices.
  • Professional Total Law Immigration Lawyers that can satisfy the stringent standards of Appendices of a Defined Proof Rules.
  • Guidance on all components of the process, as well as the methods that should be carried out.
  • Help in filling out all of the required documentation for the visa application.
  • Candidates who are currently living in or outside the UK can receive assistance from Total Law Immigration Lawyers.
  • Assistance in determining one’s Rights to Work status with respective employers.

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