Two Young Men of Indian Army, Bagged up new world record in motorcycle riding

Jabalpur: Two Indian Army men, brought a radical change in the world of motorcycling skills. Their talent  had brought them success and fame in the World.


Captain Manpreet Singh, while standing on the seat of the motorcycle for 2 hours 24min 12sec covered a distance of 75.2 kilometers. A  similar record was held earlier by  an Indian named Ratnesh Pandey. Ratnesh Pandey drove 32.3 km and bagged the world record then.

Captain Manpreet Singh, said his focus was to traverse, just 35 km. But when he reached his prespecified goal, he decided to go further and the result is there for all of us today.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the Havaldar Sandeep Kumar did handle bar Riding for 1 hour 27 min 31 sec covering 46.9 kms and registered his name in Guinness Book Of World record.

Sandeep Kumar had been preparing for this day since last 1 year, he said, “In practice sessions, i covered upto 70 kilometers, but here after traveling 47 kilometers I got a bit imbalanced and touched the handle. But no regrets I finally achieved what I wanted to.”

These two men have brought an essence of dignity and respect for all Indians in the eyes of the other nations, salute to their spirit.