Tyler Falconer Arrested With Animal Cruelty: What Did Tyler Falconer Do?

There is a piece of news coming forward related to the arrest of Tyler Falco who is said to be charged with animal cruelty. He is now facing charges of animal cruelty and his arrest news is now running on the trends of the internet sites and social media platforms. He is a firefighter and the owner of dog training who is now gathering so much attention and popularity from the netizens. Let us know more about his arrest incidental and also talk about some more information related to this incident, so read continuously.

Tyler Falconer Arrested With Animal Cruelty


Tyler Falconer Arrested With Animal Cruelty

He is a resident of  Burlington, Massachusetts, and the owner of a  dog training facility named Falco K9 located in South Boston that was operating till March 2023. Currently, he is facing animal cruelty charges and was arrested recently. His dog training facility is shut down and the reason behind the shutdown is still unknown. As per the sources, it is shared that Many customers claim that he abused the dogs there which may be the reason behind his arrest. There is not much information has been confirmed yet but our sources are collecting more details related to his arrest.

Tyler Falconer Arrested

What Did Tyler Falconer Do?

As per the exclusive sources, one dog was fully covered with injuries after coming back from the dog training facility. Many other complaints were also shared and this news is now getting attention on the internet sites. His dog training facility center was closed in March 2023 and his center was involved in animal abuse crime. There are many social media users who are sharing their reactions to this animal cruelty incident on social media platforms. Many theories are shared by many people but not much information has been shared yet. Stay connected to Dekhnews.com to get more articles on the latest news topics.

He is a firefighter and he is a married person. He gets married to Katie Thompson who is a Traffic anchor for the NewsCenter 5 EyeOpener. Recently, he was arrested and it is shared that he is charged with three counts of animal cruelty and three counts of dog tethering. Many of his customers complained about the changes in their dog’s behavior when they returned from the dog facility center. One of his customers, Rhiannon Conner shared that her dog named Luna was 25 pounds thinner after coming back three weeks from the dog facility. One more customer also claimed that her dog has lost 12 pounds of weight after coming back 18 days from the facility.

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