Ungraduate Gamer Free Fire ID Stats KD Ratio Monthly-Yearly Income Youtube Channel Subscribers

Today, we are going to talk about one more player of the most trending game on the Internet. Garena Free Fire has now become a part of the players of this game. We have already talked about many players before and again, we are going to tell about the player. Undergraduate Gamer, who is popular through his Youtube channel and Ayush Dubey is a real identity of the player but he is well known by his Youtube name. He is a gamer and a content creator on Free Fire. Currently, he has a huge fan following on his Youtube channel and has a family of 5.67 million subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Ungraduate Gamer Free Fire ID

Through this article, we will tell you about the gamer and also his Free Fire ID, Stats, Monthly-Yearly Income, Earnings, K/D ratio, and many other details. So, get ready to know about the player.

Free Fire ID & Stats of Undergraduate Gamer:

Many players want to play with their favorite gamers and recently, we can the growth of the new player called “Undergraduate Gamer”. Some are excited to play with him but, you need his Free Fire ID to connect and we can help you to provide this. His Free Fire ID is 256205699. You can connect with your favorite player by using this ID.

Lifetime Stats

The player has played 25811 squad matches and has achieved 6485 matches of them and this makes his winning rate 25.12%. He has killed around 89198 enemies with maintaining his K/D ratio of 4.62.

The video maker has played 618 duo matches, in which he won 106 matches that translate his winning rate to 17.15% with 1513 kills. He has a 2.96 K/D ratio.

Ungraduate Gamer has played 651 solo matches and won around 148 matches in them. He maintained his winning rate to 22.73% and has 2341 frags in all these matches with a K/D ratio of 4.65.

Ranked Stats

The player has also got 104 Booyah from 174 squad matches with changing his winning rate to 59.77%. He killed 841 enemies with a K/D ratio of 12.1 in this mode.

Ayush Dubey played a single duo match and has a 100% winning rate of the matches. He has killed around 8 enemies and maintained his K/D ratio of 8.

At the last, the player has won 14 matches from 48 solo matches and making his winning rate 29.16%. He killed around 146 opponent enemies with his K/D ratio of 4.29.

Monthly & Yearly Earning of the Player

According to the details, the player has a monthly earning of around $16K to 261K and has an estimated yearly income between $92K to 1.4M.

Ungraduate Gamer Youtube Channel

The player has the oldest video on his channel which was uploaded in January 2019 and from that time, he has uploaded around 314 videos on his official channel. As we told above that the player has over 5.67 subscribers on his channel and has combined views on his videos around 455 million.

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