University Heights Crash: Multiple People Killed in 2-vehicle Crash After Vehicles Catch Fire

Again we are sharing a piece of news about a scary accident that took over the life of two people and one is badly hurt by the deadly accident. The news has been reported from University Heights, a city in Ohio, United States. A fiery car crash involving two vehicles has been reported from Ohio. The tragic incident happened on Saturday afternoon. The crash was so intense that images shared tell that the vehicles burst into flames. WKYC news shared the image of the deadly accident site on Twitter which is very shocking. Both cars are burnt badly. People are horrified by the images of the fatal accident and are shattered by the tragedy. Go through the details of the news that we have sourced. Scroll down.

Multiple People Killed in 2-vehicle Crash

It has been reported that two people have been killed and one has been badly injured in a deadly accident in Ohio. The tragic accident took place in the area of Cedar Road near Brockway Road. The reports are telling us that the shocking incident occurred around 4.30 pm. The witnesses of the accident are the nearby residents and told that the incident was scary and that it appeared that a bomb has blasted outside. The accident occurred in front of a house and the owner of the house was so shocked and told that one guy was trying to crawl out through the window of the burning car. The collision was so scary that one car rested on the top of the other car.

University Heights Crash

The injured person was not a passenger in the car. He was just standing at the place of the accident. The University Heights Police Department is investigating the case. According to the police, Cedar Road was partially blocked for traffic. Some reports are telling that the vehicles struck a telephone police. The accident occurred at the intersection of Cedar and Brockway Roads. Some news is claiming that the accident was due to a speedy car chase by police vehicles as One video near the accident site reveals a grey sedan speeding along Cedar with police sirens briefly heard in the background.

After a few moments, the sound of the collision of the vehicles can be noticed. As by this video. people are assuming that the fierce accident took place due to the active police chase. However, these are the speculations till now. The identities of the dead victims have not been revealed yet. The investigation is underway and more information is awaited. Stay tuned.

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