How UrbanClap helped me organize my daughter’s wedding effortlessly!

My neighbour, Mrs Batra, recently organised her daughter’s wedding. I was surprised how she managed everything sitting at home. Here’s what she revealed when I asked about the big fat secret!

“Being a single mother is difficult. But I refuse to complain, because my kids are my life. I see it more of a challenge and find ways to turn my kids’ dreams into reality. Frankly, it is not very easy to manage gargantuan tasks, but somehow, I have managed to conquer the battles. However, when it came to my daughter’s wedding, I seriously got shivers.


The wedding date was fast approaching and a zillion arrangement were waiting to be done. In India, marriages are a hefty affair, you just can’t settle for anything less. From finalizing the location, arranging for food, booking a bridal makeup artist in Mumbai, to fixing a wedding photographer, everything needed my utmost attention, after all it was my princess’ wedding. Looking for quality service providers, booking their appointments and managing their work seemed like a complex business. To see me in so much stress, my daughter also started fretting. This is when one of my daughter’s friends, suggested UrbanClap, a mobile market place for services. It was such a blessing for us!

UrbanClap was such a blessing

We downloaded the UrbanClap app, chose the services we wanted, punched in the details and the budget. And that was it. We started receiving quotations based on our requirements. We were a bit hesitant about the professionals and the quality of service at first. So, we did our own research on UrbanClap. We found that UrbanClap uses a multistep verification process and extensive customer review mechanism for its professionals. They also have a robust customer support and consumer grievance redressal system.

So, sitting at home, we accomplished at least 80 percent of the work. Booking a bridal makeup artist in Mumbai, Wedding photographer, DJ, Wedding caterers, home cleaners, carpet cleaners, doorstep laundry service, masons and even home painters, (you just name it and they have it), could you believe it, almost every service was readily available. So, we simply booked and got what we wanted.

Therefore, we recommend UrbanClap to everyone-

  1. UrbanClap had everything listed. From photographers and DJs to even wedding planners and caterers. It has all that you require to organize a much-talked about wedding!
  2. UrbanClap’s seamless booking feature makes it very easy for even those, who are not that tech-savvy to use their app with equal ease. In fact, their booking steps have various important questions listed already, to make the search streamlined. Also, they have price filters and location filters to make the search results specific.
  3. Urban Clap offers extremely talented and quality professionals. They have listed some of the geniuses in the business. Also, their smart verification process ensures complete safety.
  4. Their sound customer support team makes their platform much loved. They have some humble, polite staff sitting right there to help people like me very dedicatedly. Multiple times I required their assistance, as I was new to the platform and not even once I was disappointed. Hats off to them!

My daughter’s wedding was supposedly a tedious affair for me, but UrbanClap turned it into a cake walk. I could book wedding photographer, bridal makeup artist, wedding caterers and DJ in Mumbai via their platform. If I had to literally look for everything offline, I bet, it would have been such a herculean task.

Specially, when it comes to finding a good makeup artist in Mumbai, it becomes tough as most of them are already booked and don’t have time. I wanted my princess to look the best on her wedding day. Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed, courtesy, UrbanClap.

I am glad that I could book these services from the comfort of my home and I was left with ample time to spend with my daughter. Applications like UrbanClap are meant for the convenience of people. With the kind of service that they offer in India, I am sure they are going to go a long way! Thank You UrbanClap, I could win this battle too.”


  • Mrs Sunita Batra, Navi Mumbai.