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IPL 13 Hottest Female Anchors Names, Photos, Bio & Salary

We all know that every year IPL is hosted by some big names and faces. You call these people anchors, models, and ex-cricketers. Well, here we are about to share Vivo IPL 2020 i.e. IPL Season 13 Male & female anchors name and their Salary with you all. You all may know that these Anchors are one of the most amazing and important things for the IPL. They give us information about the team, management, and other things. Also, they try to entertain us through various off and on subjective topics. Who Will Win The IPL 12?

Vivo IPL 2018 Hottest Female Anchors Names, Photos, Bio & Salary

As you all may know that Anchors are a big part of cricket since the day it started worldwide internationally. You might have seen pre and post-match analysis conducted by the channel heads with these anchors that are experts of cricket and played a lot. Overall, here we are going to share the information about these unknown anchors and they are surely going to make you go crazy. Hotstar Live Streaming

Vivo IPL 2020 Male & Female Anchors Salary

Well, you all should know that these anchors get their salary in different-2 ways and terms, which means that there is no salary tag set for them they get what they get by their fame, style and demand. Still, these anchors used t get paid around 50-60 thousand per match with as mentioned high-class facilities. Also, they get a free hotel stay, free pick & drop & free flight tickets, etc. IPL 12 Live Streaming

IPL 2020 Female Anchor Names –

1 Archana Vijaya-

Well, Archana Vijaya is VJ and model and she is doing cricket anchoring since very long time. She has the great fan following around the world and she had already hosted so many  IPL season before including some Neo cricket shows. This IPL edition will be more special, as she is making comeback to the IPL and will partake as IPL 2020 anchor.

Vivo IPL 2018 Hottest Female Anchors Names, Photos, Bio & Salary

2 Mayanti Langer

Another big name from the same game is Mayanti Langer she is one of the most appreciated IPL anchors in the English language. She did Game Plan, Inside IPL and many more as a head anchor and still doing these all things. You can say that she is the hottest anchor of all channels. Now, when this year the IPL will be broadcasting in Star Sport which means that she’ll be going to be the part of it. IPL Prediction 2019

Vivo IPL 2020 Male Anchors –

1 Jatin Sapru

Well, you all know that Star Sports has its own male anchors and Jatin Sapru is one of them. You all may have seen him in so many various ways. Also, you may have seen him leading every single sports broadcast and ceremonies on Sport network. You all should know that he so famous and viewers call him ‘master of ceremonies’. He has been a good anchor for Star Sports, he is a wildlife enthusiast. He will be there in IPL 2020 as an anchor and also he’ll host the pre/ after shows in Hindi.

2 Aparshakti Khurrana

The second name in the list is Aparshakti Khurrana who is a RJ and worked a lot of times with Star Sports. Also, he used to host a show on Discovery Channel named ‘You have been warned’.  You all may know him because he is the youngest brother of Ayushmann Khurrana. We are expecting that he’ll be the next big thing on this IPL.

Aparshakti Khurrana

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