How Wearing Suits Can Make You Successful?

Suits are no more the staple of interviews and meetings. As per a study, wearing a suit in everyday work life can improve your chances of getting successful. 

The study analyses how people respond to sharply dressed people. Conducted by psychologists at California State University, Northridge, an array of experiments were performed to establish the relationship between clothes and cogency

The first experiment asked participants to show up and give a rating upon the formality of their outfits. Then solve some tests for determining their information processing abilities.

In the second experiment, they asked participants to show up in formal wear and repeat the same procedure as the first experiment.

From the collected data, it was inferred that when the participants dressed formally, they were better at abstract processing. That means candidates in formal wear were able to see the big picture and not stress over the minuscule details.

Suits and Abstract Thinking

Abstract thinking comes in handy when solving problems and that is the primary characteristic of a successful businessman. Consider this, abstract thinking makes it easier to receive criticism. The subject looks at the bigger picture and not let the criticism hurt their self-esteem. 

Another key feature of a businessman is the ability to make the right financial decisions and improved abstract thinking is a solution. A man in the suit is not much tempted to make impulse purchases and thinks long term when it comes to investments.

“Putting on formal clothes makes us feel powerful, and that changes the basic way we see the world,” Abraham Rutchick, author of the study. 

Moreover, Michael Slepian, professor at Columbia Business School considers that wearing a suit creates a direct impact on your ability to see the bigger picture even if you don’t wear one daily. He adds,  “No matter how often you wear formal clothing, if you are wearing formal clothing, then you are likely in a context that’s not the intimate, comfortable, and more socially close setting with no dress code.”

Where Can You Find the Best Suits?

As we have already established how wearing a suit can put you in your power mode, let’s consider where you can buy one. 

A suit for everyday use should look premium and should be durable. You can look for them offline and online alike. While offline stores may offer you a better fit, it has its set of cons: costly, time-consuming, limited options and styles, no return policy.

Buying suits online solves these problems, you do not have to wait weeks for it, you get them for a cheaper price, they get home-delivered so you don’t have to run here and there, most importantly you have a plethora of suits for men and kids online to choose from.

However, make sure that your suit should serve all your needs and comfort level. It is not possible to wear suits on a warm sunny day if you are traveling by public transport.

Concluding Thoughts

Wearing a suit for your workplace is not a big deal. With thousands of suits to choose from, one can easily find premium daily usage suits online as well. We have discussed how suits help improve your abstract thinking abilities and help you look at the bigger picture. With these skills, one can expect to see improvement in their work performance and life.

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