Vizag: Baby Girl died due to lack of new currency in the house

VISAKHAPATNAM: An 18th-month-old baby girl died in a hospital as the staff of the hospital refused to accept the demonetised notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000. Due to the acute shortage of small denomination currency in the country, the baby girl died for want of timely medical care.


This incident had occurred on Saturday, but came to light on Sunday. The name of the victim girl was . She was the daughter of a watchman – Adari Ganesh, at Kakatiya ITI in Gajuwaka. The parents of the girl had not performed her funeral rites because they have no money left.

As per the sources that Komali was ill for quite some time. She was treated at King George Hospital for high fever. The doctors of the hospital referred the girl to diagnostic laboratory for medical tests for confirmation of viral fever. But the family had old currency notes. The staff of the hospital did not accept them. On that day, they came back home without the tests.

The watchman collected lower denomination notes, but the money was just sufficient for the medical tests and for the medicines. The family had not the sufficient money to buy medicines so the girl died a few hours later.

The mother of the girl – Lakshmi Sarada said that Komali could have survived if the the hospital had accepted the old notes. Sarada said that many were willing to help us. But none of them had the new currency.