WATCH: Man and Woman Take ‘Bath’ While Riding Scooty in Video Goes Viral

The unusual and bizarre incident has grabbed the attention of netizens and people are reacting to the incident. The incident has been reported from Ulahasnagar in Maharashtra. It has been reported that a man and a woman can be seen pouring water on themself while riding the scooty. The scene of taking a bath on the road has annoyed the people. The video clip has been viral and people are criticizing the couple and are demanding action against them. These days the trend of making unusual videos and uploading them on personal channels have hyped so much. The youngsters are quick to their ideas. This report from Ulhasnagar however has criticised the couple. Go through the whole article to get the entire incident.

Man and Woman Take 'Bath' While Riding Scooty

It has been reported that a viral video has been shared by a page on Twitter named We DeserveBetterGovernment. A man and a woman can be spotted taking a bath while sitting on a scooty in Sector 17 of Ulhasnagar. The couple has kept a bucket full of water in between and the woman is pouring water on herself and the man amidst the road. Their actions also distracted the traffic.

The people are posting their reactions to the video and have condemned the incident. Some people have shared that in the name of entertainment, no such doings should be appreciated. People are sending requests to take strict action and deletion of the video to avoid nonsense messages to the youngsters as youngsters are quick to follow these kinds of bizarre. The Thanne police reacted to the video and conveyed to the uploaders that strict action would be taken. The Woman can also be seen without a helmet.

The video has been created for entertainment purposes to convey the scorching heat. As the video clip reveals the popular Hindi song ‘Chubhati Jalti Garmi’.The Commuters can be seen looking in amusement. The clip showed that the couple can be seen bathing at a chowk and later also during riding a bike. No doubt, youngsters are creating content for rising their fan followers but sometimes unusual contents are not acceptable by society and people share their thoughts about the idea.

Some netizens have taken it lightly and shared their views that there is no harm in the video as people create sometimes lots of wrong stunts and the couple is at least not blocking the entire street for their shooting. People come with different reactions to the idea. Feel free to share your comments about the incident with us. Stay tuned.

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