Watch WWE MSG 2015 Big Show vs Brock Lesnar & John Cena Vs Rollins Fight Result Winner Highlights Video

One of the most awaited and most demanded fight of WWE MSG is just on our doorstep to welcome us all. As we all are aware about the last fight of Brock Lesnar against Undertaker which was on 25th October  which was a remarkable one for the whole viewers of WWE. Today Brock Lesnar is squad off once again in front of Big Show.

WWE MSG Fight Big Show vs Brock Lesnar

WWE MSG Big Show vs Brock Lesnar Fight Result Highlights Video

Saturday’s fight was a remarkable one as we all know that both the candidates are perfect and strong enough to give competition to each other. We have heard from our ancestors that the unstoppable force meets the meets the immovable things just like that the things will happen today in the battle filed of WWE MSG.

Result : Brock Lesnar win wwe msg fight.

As we all know that WWE is much more than just a word and it has revealed many strong fighters in front of the wrestling world. We all know that Lesnar is a person who never takes losing point towards himself and Big Show is a personality of wrestling who gives competition to even two itself.

We cannot predict that Lesnar will go out after losing this cell of aggression and war because he is also strong enough and will give a victory in a convincing style.

Brock Lesnar returns to the ring on three tournaments and they will be seen live today at event of WWE MSG fight at Madison Square Garden and this is the place where thier saga of competition was started and may be it will end here itself in today’s battle.

WWE MSG Fight john cena vs rollins

WWE MSG John Cena Vs Rollins Fight Result Highlights Video


Rollins had reversed Cena’s top rope leg drop into a powerbomb, John’d done his springboard DDT spot, they repeated the roll through Superplex spot Seth did at Night of Champions and more, a STF from the U.S. champ was rolled through into Crossface by the WWE champ.

Cena powered out of that for another AA, but Rollins floated over to low blow him. That left the veteran prone in the middle of the ring while The Future climbed the side and looked to coast to an easy escape.

Official video of WWE MSG Fight is not yet been revealed. Stay tuned for more updates.

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