Tesla Model S Car Full Specifications Features Launch Date Price In India

An absurdly fast sports car is going to be launched in the market of sports and luxury cars. A luxury car manufacturer company Tesla is going to give its first electric engine car to the market of luxury cars. The car is named a s Tesla Model S car. The car is a duos one in facilities as the car is luxury one as well as eco-friendly one. The car gives a dynamic look along with a bulk of specifications and features.

Tesla Model S Car Full Specifications Features Launch Date Price In India

Tesla Model S Car Specifications Features

With an aptly named “Ludicrous Mode,” the car is full of specifications and have the power in all the four wheels. The car drives P90D touts 2.8 seconds to reach a level of 60 mph. The car gives a electrifying driving along with a classy cabin inside. the battery and ever-charging capacity of the car gives it a unique feature which will give a great experience to the owner and driver too.

The car gives a top speed of 140 mph which is just like a running bullet fired from a gun. The car poses a top notch cabin which gives it one more reason to be loved by the viewers and users.

The 70S model of the car has achieved a place in The 10 Best Car Recognition.   A 70-kWh battery provides an EPA-rated 240-mile driving range. The car has the capability to jump from 30 mph to 50 mph in just 2 seconds and from 50 to 70 in just 3.1 seconds.

The car is sleek in design and gives a classy look. This sedan is quite formative and quite casual one as it gives the look of both.

When it comes to accessibility the car poses a 17-inch navigation display which includes a lot of features for ruling over the car in terms of driving, entertainment and functionality. This luxury sedan gives a cabin of sitting for 5 people and also gives a high level of comfort to the passengers and the driver too.

The car gives a fantastic look which somehow resembles Jaguar from the back and sets itself as the best featured and classy sedan with a great level of luxury and a bunch of stylish curves on the outer body.

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