What Happened To Matthew Kelly? Rancho Mission Viejo Member Dies In Accident Explained!

Several tributes and condolences caught the attention of individuals across the world after a loving father and husband lost his life in a horrific crash. According to the sources, the victim who was totally involved in the crash has declared dead at the scene and identified by the officials. The victim, Matthew Kelly who was also known as Matt lost his life at the age of 37. He was not just a husband but also a father of his beautiful daughter who just began to see this world with her beautiful eyes. Let’s find out what was the exact reason behind this unexpected incident and how did he lost his life.

What Happened To Matthew Kelly?

According to official sources, Matthew Kelly was the only victim in the incident who lost his life. Along with this, the reports say that the incident took place on Oso Parkway. The incident serves as a painful reminder of the fragility of life and how it can change in an instant. Since the news of his sudden passing was confirmed on the Internet, his loved ones and friends are paying tribute to him and offering their deep sorrow to the family members who are going through a difficult time as they lost their beloved one in a tragic accident.

What Happened To Matthew Kelly?

The sources says that the tragic accident took place at around 12:05 AM on Oso Parkway. According to the reports of California Highway Patrol Officer Rafael Reynoso, Kelly was driving his 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee, he was speeding eastbound and without any reason, the vehicle veered to the right. The Jeep impacted a moving traffic sign before crashing into a light pole. Due to the tragic incident, Matt couldn’t survive following his injuries and died at the scene.

Matthew Kelly also known as Matt who was a beloved member of his family and the Ranchi Mission Viejo community. Because of his warm nature, he earned huge respect and love from his colleagues. His legacy left an unremovable mark on everyone’s life who was close to him during his life. Unfortunately, his sudden passing has left everyone in shockwaves including his friends and family who are passing through a difficult time. He was survived by his wife and their young child. Currently, police is investigating the incident and trying to identify if there is any foul play. Matt will be always remembered by his family and friends. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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