What is the status of sports betting in the US?

The field of sports betting has been under a great deal of changes, and it can be necessary with a status on the matter. If you would like to know what is up and down in the field of betting, you can find some answers here. 

sports betting

Back in 2018 the federal ban on sports betting was repealed and the legalization of betting became a matter of each state. This was a result of an increasing amount of people engaging in betting making it hard to neglect as well as the financial potential for the governments to get in on the massive amount of money posted into betting. This change of law was a so-called win-win situation making it better and easier for sport bettors to bet and making it possible for the state to get in on the business of sports betting. 

The most popular sport to bet on

There is one sport that tops the others, American football. This is the most popular sport to bet on and their tournament the NFL is the sports event that attracts most bettors. Betting on the NFL, you will need to look into the nfl expert picks as they are one of the most popular betting strategies.

This goes for the general nfl picks as well. A lot of people are engaged in the tournament without betting on it and already know what is happening on the different teams. But it has also become more and more common to bet on sports and the nfl. Probably due to the fact that it is now legal in 30 states.


It is possible to bet on nearly any sport and whether you are into softball, basketball or the Super League in football, it is easy to engage in betting.

More female bettors

The field that has been largely dominated by men is seeing a rise in female bettors. Actually more women are installing betting apps than their male counterparts and this is quite a surprising development. It is probably also connected to the fact that it has become legal and women are more likely to engage in legal matters. 

However, it could be random or simply a sign that more women are engaging in sports and therefore want to try out betting. It is naturally hard to point out the one reason, and it might be a combination of many things that have led to this specific change. 

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