Who Are Adele James Parents? Father And Mother Background

Today we are sharing about British actress Adele James who is playing “Queen Cleopatra” in the upcoming Netflix series and also about her parents, family, and background. A versatile actress, and young performer who has worked in several movies and television series since 2014 is in limelight again for the upcoming Netflix mini-series Queen Cleopatra. Best known for portraying Tina Mollett in Casualty, the star has won the hearts of the masses. She is known for her charming and incredible performances. Our viewers must be craving more information on the budding actress. Be with us to get more on British actress Adele James.

“Queen Cleopatra” which is going to be aired soon is in controversy as Egyptian academics are claiming that Cleopatra, who was born in the Egyptian city of Alexandria in 69 BC and belonged to a Greek-speaking dynasty, was of European descent and not Black. The controversy is going on as an Egyptian lawyer has filed a case against Netflix and claimed to prevent it from airing. But today we are going to share about actress Adele James who is in limelight nowadays. The multi-talented actress is also a screenwriter. But now a days gaining huge attention because of the controversy of “Queen Cleopatra” Scroll down to get more info.

Who Are Adele James’ Parents

Adele James Parents Wikipedia Biography

As per the sources, the British actress has never shared her family details openly. It is through various posts on social media, her family life reveals from time to time before her fans. As the actress posted her pics with captioning about her birthday, it came to light that actress’s birthday is on 20th March. It is through sources that the actress was born on 20 March 1996 and is a London native.

She holds a degree from the University of Bristol. Although the actress remains in the spotlight, more details related to her family and background are yet to be made public.

As per reports, the actress was born in South West London and grew up in London with her mother and her siblings. This is also revealed through various social media posts as the actress avoids introducing them to the fans. Tina Gharavi, the director of Queen Cleopatra has admired the actress as the best fit for Cleopatra’s beauty and for her strength. Fans and followers are also finding the actress to resemble Elizabeth Taylor, who portrayed the Egyptian queen in the 1963 film. As the trailers of the series are aired, fans are eagerly waiting for the actress to watch as Queen Cleopatra. We have shared the info with our best to our viewers. Stay updated with us.

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