Who Is Hank Green? YouTuber Shares Cancer Diagnosis in a Vlog Wiki-Bio

We are sharing with you the news that is making waves on the internet these days. The news is about the renowned YouTuber Hank Green. The recent announcement of the YouTuber on his vlog has grabbed the attention of netizens from all over the world. The popular YouTuber has been diagnosed with blood cancer and informed his fans and followers in his recent youtube video. As the news of his diagnosis went viral, the fans are shocked and saddened by the information. Green has been famous among fans for creating informative TikTok and YouTube videos. The famous youtuber even grabbed the chance to interview former US President Barack Obama in 2015. We are sharing the details of the recent information about Hank Green that is making its presence on the internet. Stay connected.

Who Is Hank Green?

The famous YouTuber revealed in a video that he has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In the description bar of the video, he titled “So, I’ve got cancer” which shocked the fans at first sight. He revealed further before fans that he is undergoing chemotherapy. He also assured the fans that it is one of the most treatable cancers. He said that he noticed the lymph nodes inflamed and went for the diagnosis which ended up revealing lymphoma.

Who Is Hank Green?

Hank Green who is a very optimistic person also told the viewers that it has been caught in its early stage and is good news for him. Hank gained popularity when he and his brother John formed Brotherhood 2.0 on YouTube in January 2007 and maintained it throughout the year. Earlier in 2006, he suffered from ulcerative colitis. He also shared once that he had a diagnosis during childhood that declared him ADHD. However, recent news that is revealed by him is concerning his fans.

Hank has requested his fans not to give him healthcare advice. He said to his fans that he just wanted to convey and update his fans that he might produce less content for his Youtube channels. His channels include Vlogbrothers with his brother John Green and the others Scishow and Crashcourse. Scishow is for science enthusiasts and Crashcourse is an educational hub. Hank also requested not to share the emotional dumb things that make you cry. He also shared that he did not want to convey this as an emotional process on camera and just wants to tell that his work schedule may impact due to the ongoing treatment procedures. Hank is 43 years old and looking forward kind of guy. His video made a sensation on the internet. As the guy has sincerely requested not to hype up his health condition. Let’s see how the fans respond now. Stay tuned.

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