Who Is Rita Mathur? Meet 68-year-old Rita Mathur, The Granny Who Scaled Kilimanjaro

At the age of 68, super woman from India has embarked on an extraordinary adventure to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro. Good Day Readers. Today a astonishing news has come stating that At the age of 68, a lady has embarked on an extraordinary adventure to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro. Stay with this article to find out more about this news. Rita Mathur, a 68-year-old, has embarked on a remarkable journey to Mt. Kilimanjaro, shattering any preconceived notions of the word “drawback” and setting a new milestone for others to aspire to.

Who Is Rita Mathur

A mere few years ago, at the age of 66, Rita Mathur emerged as a shining example of determination by successfully completing a 21-day trek to the Mt. Everest Base Camp. Since her achievement at the Everest Base Camp, Rita Mathur has been yearning for another challenge. Following her triumphant ascent of Everest two years ago, Rita Mathur, now 68 years old, continues to challenge the notion that age can limit one’s achievements by conquering the iconic trek to the Uhuru Peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. With some family support and an abundance of courage, Mathur successfully completed this eight-day trek to the lofty altitude of 19,341 feet, firmly establishing that the pursuit of a “goal” knows no age boundaries.

Who Is Rita Mathur?

Scaling Mount Kilimanjaro poses a significant challenge, as evidenced by studies revealing that a substantial number of individuals do not complete the journey to its summit. Over 50% of those who embark on the ascent encounter altitude sickness, and only slightly above 65% of trekkers successfully reach the summit. The causes of their lack of success range from altitude-related problems to the mental condition of the climbers. Kilimanjaro is an exceptionally high-altitude mountain, standing tall at 19,341 feet (5,895 meters). Therefore, thorough preparation and training are imperative prerequisites before contemplating undertaking this expedition. While Kilimanjaro is generally considered one of the more manageable treks, everything takes a dramatic turn during the summit night.

This phase is characterized by freezing temperatures and unrelenting winds, making it the most strenuous part of the journey. This was precisely the challenge that echoed in the ears of 68-year-old Rita Mathur. Having successfully completed numerous hikes across India, including the coveted Mt. Everest Base Camp, Rita decided to once again challenge both herself and the stereotypes associated with age. Then, following a year and a half of rigorous mental and physical preparation, on August 15, 2023, Rita Mathur embarked on her journey to conquer Africa’s highest peak. She chose the Marangu route, which required eight full days to reach the summit.

Rita embarked on this adventure as a member of a climbing group led and guided by Lt. Col. Romin Bartwal. The group boasted a diverse range of ages, with its youngest member at 15 years old and its eldest, Rita, at the age of 68. One of the most demanding segments of the trek for her was the arduous 26-hour journey, punctuated by the occasional chai break, to reach the volcano walls from the alpine desert.

Upon reaching her destination, Rita Mathur discovered that not a single part of her mind was occupied with complaints about the challenging ascent. Instead, all she could sense was an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment, earned after eight full days of unwavering determination.

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