Who Was Jayden Mamenta? Texas Tech Uni. Student Injured in Car Accident

Recently, a tragic accident took place and a Texas Tech University student Jayden Mamenta was involved in this accident. Yes, you heard right the student was injured badly and the news of this terrible crash is making headlines on the news channels. The cases of accidents are increasing day by day and the government needs to take some strict actions against these incidents. Lots of people are hitting the search engine platforms to know more about this accident. Our sources have garnered all the available details and we will try to share every single piece of detail in this article, so read completely.

Who Was Jayden Mamenta

There is an investigation was begun and many departments have made their involvement in this case. The Texas Department of Public Safety shared a statement on Wednesday 29 November 2023 and shared the details about this crash incident. It is stated that the emergency personnel were promptly rushed to the scene of a collision in the northbound lanes of Interstate 27, between New Deal and Abernathy after getting the report of this accident. In this accident, a student was also involved and was immediately admitted to the hospital after being in this accident. Still, some details remain to share related to this incident, so keep reading.

Who Was Jayden Mamenta?

Reportedly, this tragic accident took place near County Road 5400, prompting the closure of a section of northbound Interstate 27 outside of New Deal. Due to this accident, the road has been closed, and this closure created inconveniences such as reported traffic delays in the local area. Presently, there is no information is available about the injuries he suffered in the collision, leaving the community and authorities waiting for updates on the well-being of those involved. Jayden was injured and he is currently getting treatment for the injuries that he sustained in this accident.

Furthermore, a GoFundMe was also created to raise the sounds to ease the considerable financial strain. The news of this accident is spreading like wildfire over the internet “Jayden’s Mamenta’s Accident.” Many social media are sharing their reactions to this accident by commenting on the internet. The investigation is ongoing and the officials continue to understand the exact circumstances that happened in this accident. Jayden’s family member is praying for his good health and his complete recovery. He was in this accident and the community hoped for a speedy recovery. We will update our article after getting any other details. Stay linked with dekhnews.com to read more articles.

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