Who Was Princess Tolliver? Seminole County Shooting Killed A Woman and Injured Multiple

Who Was Princess Tolliver? Seminole County Shooting Killed A Woman and Injured Multiple:- According to the latest updates, a 31-year-old woman has been reported dead after Monday morning’s shooting in Seminole County. As per the reports, many other people were also injured in the sudden shooting and a Tallahassee woman was reportedly shot dead in this incident. Now, the woman has been identified as Princess Tolliver who was shot dead in the Seminole County shooting on Monday morning, January 16, 2023. Along with her, many other people were left injured after the unidentified person openly shot many. We are going to provide some essential details related to the incident and trying to cover all the important info. Keep reading this article.

Who Was Princess Tolliver Seminole County Shooting Killed A Woman and Injured Multiple Tallahassee

Seminole County Shooting Killed A Woman

As per the other’s report, the shooting took place just before 02:30 AM on County Road 46-A at Rinehart Road. Well, the Sheriff’s Office of Seminole County didn’t reveal that how many people were shot but the official report said that one person has reported dead. Still, the investigators are trying to locate the person who is responsible. Deputies report says that people in two cars were contacted in an altercation, and shots rang out injuring multiple people that also killed one. Well, there is no clarification that what was the motive behind this unfortunate shooting but deputies confirmed that this was not a random shooting as it could be planned.

Now, the injured people are receiving medical care at the hospital and one woman succumbed to gunshot wounds. The official Seminole County S.O Twitter page tweeted,” **Update** The deceased on Monday morning’s shooting is Princess Tolliver, 31, of Tallahassee. A vehicle believed to be involved was recovered Monday afternoon. Anyone with information contact the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office at 407-665-6650, or Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS”.

Who Was Princess Tolliver?

As per the witnesses, two dark-colored vehicles were involved in this incident. One of the automobiles is being examined by investigators. Unfortunately, an innocent woman lost her life and later, she was identified as Princess Tolliver who was just 31 years old of a Tallahassee resident. The entire Tolliver family is going through a difficult time as they lost their beloved family member and hoping that deputies will make an arrest shortly and the justice will serve.

A Facebook user posted a picture of Princess Tolliver and wrote,” Sip Boobear I love u rest easy baby girl u didn’t deserve this u was so full of life and love I’m praying for my other two Valentina Tolliver and Anna Tolliver I love u girls this is a hard pill to swallow I pray God send u peace-and comfort to the family rest up Princess Koka”.

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