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On Wednesday, Google tribute and honored the American actress Shirley Temple with an animated doodle on their search engine. She was an American actor, singer, dancer, and diplomat. Today at 2015, was a day when Santa Monica History Museum opened the “Love, Shirley Temple” and showed some featuring collections of her memorable things. While the actress also helped millions of Americans through the deprivation of the Great Depression. Not only for this but she is also known for her draw as a child in Hollywood’s number one Box-Office that was from 1934 to 1938. When she was an adult, she served herself as an ambassador of the United States from Ghana to Czechoslovakia and along with this, she also served as the USA’s Chief of Protocol.

 served as Chief of Protocol of the United States

Who Was Actress Shirley Temple?

Temple was born on April 23, 1928, and she was also known by her name Shirley Jane Temple and born at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, California. She was the third child of her parents and her mother Gertrude Temple was a homemaker and her father, George Temple was a bank employee. The Temple’s family belongs to German, English, and Dutch ancestry.

As we have shared above that she was the third child and had two brothers John and George Jr. Later, the Temple’s family moved to Los Angeles. According to the reports, the mother of Shirley forced her to increase her talent in Singing, Dancing, and acting skills, and later in September 1931, she took a part in Meglin’s Dance School which is situated in Los Angeles. At that moment, her mother styled her daughter’s hair in ringlets(hairstyle).

Shirley Temple Career:

At the age of three, she started to take dance classes and achieved her fame in the 1930s. After three years, when Shirley Temple turned six years, she took a role in the music Stand Up and Cheer in 1934 before being a part of many popular films.

Later, she had been achieving back-to-back Hollywood movies and become an ultimate child star at the moment and also, honored with Academy Award at the age of six. Well, she had appeared in many hit movies but The Little Colonel, Bright Eyes, and The Littlest Rebel, where she landed as The Good Ship Lollipop.

Later, Shirley became a star in the film through her teenage age but at 22, she left the industry and retired from being a part of the movies. Well, she was one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood thus, President Roosevelt gave her credit to support and helping the depression’s people.

Shirley portrays in Shirley Temple’s Storybook. It was a TV series for children and also, friendly with family stories. Later, the actress came back into the industry and also, started her political career. Along with this, she represented the nation at the UN Conference of the Human Environment in 1972.

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