Who Was Stephen K Amos? Unnamed TV Comedian Allegedly Drives Teen To Suicide

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Who Was Stephen K Amos?

The inquest heard that Ben Cowburn, an 18-year-old fashion student, killed himself in December 2010 shortly after claiming to have been groomed by an “unknown gay TV comedian”. Cowburn had told colleagues and family in the days before his suicide that the comedian had abused him, leaving him feeling “taken advantage of” and “humiliated”. Cowburn had committed suicide following an overdose of drugs. During the inquest, the comedian, who was referred to only as “Mr. X” to protect his identity, was accused of providing the teen with gifts before taking him to parties with a high demand for alcohol and drugs.

Who Was Stephen K Amos?

According to the investigation, the comedian would sneak up on Mr Cowburn and have sex with him regularly. He even convinced him to strip for a bunch of guys. Mr Cowburn moved to London from Truro, in Cornwall, to study at Fashion Retail Academy. He met the comedian in September 2009 and they started dating. Around the same time, his mum Sharon Cowburn found out that Ben had bumped into a famous face in a pub while out with friends. “He asked Ben if he could do some styling for him,” Sharon said. “Steve and I warned him to be careful because we were being so careful.”

The client informed me that they had already employed a stylist and that Mr Cowburn would not be able to pay Ben, but would instead be purchasing him presents. It was alleged that Mr Cowburn had been hired to work as a stylist for the comedian, however, following a dispute, the child made a series of seemingly suicidal attempts. He was later admitted to Longreach Hospital after being placed under a Mental Health Act. Despite the student’s assertion that the sexual relationship with the stylist was entirely consensual, at the inquest nurse David Taylor stated that the student felt “humiliated and ashamed” and “believed he was groomed” by the stylist.

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