Why is it so important to be conscious of what you write in your profile on a dating app?

If you’re an active user of Tinder, Bumble, and other dating apps with large audiences, you’ve probably come across a lot of almost empty profiles. One photo, name, age — that’s it! Now tell us, can such a profile interest you? We assume such a profile cannot.

Why do many users write so little on their profiles about themselves?

The reasons vary depending on the individual. Some individuals might not like to share any personal information. Some people don’t want friends, family, or colleagues to easily find them on dating sites. Someone cares too much about the security of data on the Web. However, in most cases, the reason for poor profiles is laziness. The average person doesn’t want to spend a lot of time. They want to start communicating with new people immediately after registration to find their love.

The problem is that many modern dating services encourage this attitude. For example, when you first register on Tinder, the application will actively select interesting matches for you, and will constantly recommend your account to other users. Nonetheless, this is a trick. This is how Tinder and its analogues engage new users, showing that there is a very active audience in the App and you can meet your future soulmate in a matter of hours or days at most. The trick is that the matches will get worse soon. Interest in your personality will fade away rapidly, thereby turning your search for a soul mate into an endless routine. However, at this point, if you haven’t filled out your profile properly, be rest assured that all attempts to establish relationships in the application will be completely ineffective.

How to fill out a profile in a dating app to attract attention

The most important thing is to avoid the typical mistakes of newbies on dating sites. The most common mistake is having an empty profile — this has been mentioned and explained already. Nonetheless, there are some other less obvious mistakes worth mentioning:

  1. An invitation to ask questions instead of talking about yourself. You may have come across accounts where the “About Me” section says something like “Ask!” or “I am an open book. I will answer everyone!.” This is a failed strategy. If a person does not understand who is hiding behind your account they will not write first. If you truly want to get attention, take the time to talk about yourself.
  2. Emoji instead of description. At first glance, it seems to be an unusual and attention-grabbing way to talk about yourself. However, the emoji of a soccer ball, a bottle of champagne, or a bicycle is far from the most informative description. Other users need to understand what type of person you are, what you are fond of, and what you love, as this will enable them to know what or how to interact with you. No emoticon can describe you better than words.
  3. A story about yourself, similar to a resume or Wikipedia article. This is not the best approach. “Born in Vancouver. 28 years. I have been a marketer for 4 years. Wasn’t married.” It seems to be information that is both useful and gives a general idea of a person, but somehow, it is wrong. Such descriptions do not evoke emotions at all, the eye does not cling to them because they are not able to hold attention. Remember, you are not applying for a job. You are looking for a person with whom you will be on the same page. Be sincere and real at all times!

Other mistakes prevent successful dating. You can find them yourself without much effort. Just look at the profiles of most users on dating apps -— they are all very similar and usually do not stand out from each other. Therefore, your main task is to stand out!

How to make your profile visible and attractive

We can give you some advice:

  • Upload high-quality and fresh photos. Photos from two years ago will definitely not fit. Photos in the company of friends or relatives are not advisable. Pictures without a face will be disregarded. Choose portrait photos that clearly show your face. Don’t forget about full-length portraits. Always post recent pictures and remember to update the gallery periodically.
  • Be specific about yourself, but don’t be too dry. Concentrate not on everyday things, especially on interests, hobbies, character traits, and your personality. The more a potential partner learns about you before the first dialogue, the better the communication.
  • Use dating services where you can present yourself in the most acceptable manner. For instance, there is the Vox application, where acquaintance and communication take place exclusively by voice. In the Qemistry and Thursday apps, instead of using a static profile photo, you can use a short video presentation with a story about yourself.

In general, we advise you not to limit yourself to only the most popular and crowded dating services but to try more niche sites with non-standard functionality. Many of them allow you to present yourself creatively instead of wasting time choosing photos and writing a story about yourself. There are a lot of options. It is enough to spend a little time searching, and you will definitely find something interesting.

For those who want to meet new people immediately instead of filling out a profile

We do not deny that there are people who simply do not want to fill out a profile with information, and no argument works for them. If you are one of them, we have a good alternative for you. You can try anonymous video chats like Omegle.

What’s the point?

The principle of Omegle’s operation and analogues is that the system connects completely random users via video. You will not have a familiar account on a dating site or application. This means that you do not need to waste time talking about yourself, uploading photos, and so on. When you start a video chat, after a couple of moments, a random interlocutor appears on the screen. All acquaintances take place literally live.

Omegle was one of the first anonymous video chats. It was launched in 2009. Currently, the site has a rather mediocre moderation and a very limited list of functions. There is a search filter by language and interest. It does not have a gender filter, so it is impossible to specify which gender you prefer to communicate with. Also, Omegle to date doesn’t have a mobile app. You can use the web version of the site from your smartphone, but it is not too convenient.

If the functionality of Chatroulette is not enough for you, we recommend that you consider Omegle alternatives such as:

  • OmeTV
  • OmegleTV
  • Chatspin

Each alternative to Omegle has its advantages and disadvantages, differing in original functionality. For example, OmeTV has a nice (albeit inaccurate) gender filter. OmegleTV knows how to connect men to Omegle girls on and offers excellent moderation. Also, Chatspin takes care of anonymity and privacy by allowing you to hide your face behind AR masks.

We encourage you to try a few Omegle alternatives to see which service best suits your needs. Despite the similarity in their functionality, such sites can be completely different. If any Omegle alternative does not suit your choice, you can always choose another and get a whole new experience of communicating with strangers. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment. Do your best to be open to new acquaintances and keep up the conversation on a variety of topics. Subsequently, a random video chat could be the best analogue of the usual dating apps for you.

Let’s summarize

Success in dating apps depends solely on you. If you do not pay due attention to filling out your profile and being active, then you should definitely not expect any impressive results. At least, try to take a little time to ensure that your account really says a lot about you. It is not necessary to write your entire biography from birth to the present moment. Nonetheless, the main information about you is worth telling.

Believe us, you will be surprised how much more active your profile will attract attention if you try to make it a little more interesting for potential partners. Take a few moments, think about what you can say or write about yourself, and make your account unique. Well, if for some reason you do not want to do this, use Omegle and its alternatives. Here, acquaintances always take place face-to-face, and you simply do not need a carefully completed profile. The choice is yours!

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