Woman Killed in Sirsi Road Accident CCTV Video Footage Latest News and Photos

The horrific accident happened on Sirsi Road, Jaipur. In which a 30-year-old woman died while four other victims are currently under treatment following an accident in which a pickup vehicle overturned on Sirsi Road on Monday. ACP (Bagru). The victim was identified by Anil Kumar Sharma as Meera Devi. This terrible accident displayed that we should give all attention to the road while driving. Because a  single mistake leads us to a huge accident in which we can lose our precious lives. During our time on the road, we should take traffic road seriously. Let’s continue to read the article to get more details related to this incident.


According to a police department from the site, the accident occurred in the afternoon when a pickup vehicle was transporting 15 women from Bagru to a Farmland. The driver wants to avoid a collision with a motorcycle and move the wheel other side, but the vehicle overturned. The police reports said the woman was taken to the nearest hospital where 10 of them were immediately discharged after receiving some initial medical assistance. But one of them was seriously wounded are died during the treatment. Scroll down and continue to read the article to get any details related to this case.

Woman Killed in Sirsi Road Accident

The information we get from the source is based on that these women are going to help nearby farmlands daily for their regular work. On the day of the accident, the they were roaming in the bus just like another day for their work. They went to the route towards the farm for pickup when the driver was attempting to avoid a clash with a motorcycle and lost control of the bus which led to the vehicle overturning. Continue to read the article to get more details related to this accident which help you to gain some information related to this incident.

The victim Meera Devi died in a terrible accident. Her family was in deep shock and a great sad moment for them. This incident reminds us that a single wrong step can lead you to the greatest disaster of your life. So make decisions wisely and don’t panic in hard times of life. This incident gives a lesson that reminds us to follow the traffic rules to help us sustain any damage to you. So follow the traffic for your safety. Stay tuned to our article to get any new information and knowledge from our article which help you.

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