Woman sues hospital after botched surgery led to her breaking air from vagina

Woman sues hospital after botched surgery led to her breaking air from vagina :- The pain of cancer patients is the worst that a human can bear and even the joy to be the cancer survivor is more than anything else in the world. It’s ofter said that 30 percent of the cancer disease of an individual get healed with the trust on the doctors.


But, sometimes, these doctors can lead one to suffer more than earlier, and this has happened with the Jasminka Velkovska, whose life being more painful after getting the surgery for removing a cancerous cell.

Jasminka is a cancer survivor, and she went for colon surgery in Macedonia as surgeons promised her that they would remove the cancerous cell.

But due to careless of the doctors, the surgery went wrong, and Jasminka’s condition has become worse. According to the reports, the doctors connected the colon to the wrong place while reattaching it.

Jasminka complained about she was breaking air from her vagina, and further inspection showed that doctors had attached the colon to the vagina.

Meanwhile, this incident took place three years back and at that time hospital agrees to pay the compensation amount of £25,700 to Jasminka Velkovska. But, now recently they denied to pay a single penny to her and thus, she was forced to knock the doors of court for claiming her compensation amount.

According to Jasminka Velkovska, she put the light on her problem to doctors while she was recovering but doctors assured her that she would get heal as the time pass. But, it did not happen, and her condition became worse. And in addition to this, her cancerous was not treated.

The respective hospital is now due to pay £ 8,600 to her after she was gone to the court. But, yet it is not sure when the hospital will pay her the compensation amount.