Yao Cabrera Accident, Youtuber Fell From Third Floor Hospitalized Details Explained!

One of the famous music artists on YouTube from Uruguay, Yao Cabrera, has reportedly met with an accident in the recent past. According to the sources, he has fallen from the third floor of a building. The incident took place on the very first day of February 2022. Monday, 1st February 2022, the YouTube creator is facing severe injuries. This piece of news was shared on a social networking site.

Yao Cabrera Accident, Youtuber Fell From Third Floor Hospitalized Details Explained!

Later, the news was also shared on a radio network. Juan Etchegoyen shared the news on his show from Radio Miter. This news has created a feeling of worry among his fans. As per the news sources, the creator fell from the third floor that was his own apartment. He is so popular that he has a number of fans all across the world who are praying for him.

Yao Cabrera Accident

There is a series of social media posts on the internet with respect to praying for the fast recovery. He has numerous fans who are showing their love for their favourite YouTube creator in the form of social media posts and comments so as to wish the celebrity to get well soon. The Radio podcast of Radio Miter by Juan Etchegoyen had a moment therein the journalist has informed the people about the tragic accident of Yao Cabrera.

Accident of Yao Cabrera truth or rumour

The news of the accident of Yao Cabrera has become a topic of conversation among his fans. Some of his fans are wondering to know whether the news of the mishap with Yao Cabrera is true or the news is nothing but a lie. Earlies, people were considering the radio announcement by Juan Etchegoyen in the context of Yao Cabrera for a lie. Eventually, the news was confirmed by the local media of Uruguay. Thereafter, people relied on the piece of news and initiated praying for the health of the musician. It was informed about this tragic mishap of the radio network of Radio Miter.

Radio announcement

The journalist of Radio Miter stated that YouTuber “Yao Cabrera” has fallen from the third floor of his residence. He was painting on the balcony of his house. All of a sudden, he fell from the balcony. His condition is critical in the hospital.

Who is Yao Cabrera?

He is a musician in Uruguay on YouTube. He is 24-year-old. He was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on 18 February 1997. La Verdad, Revolution Digital and Jefes De YouTube are some of his famous songs on YouTube.

A piece of news is circulating on all the internet that the Controversial Uruguayan influencer named Yao Cabrera is battling for his life after dropping and falling from a third-floor balcony and the whole incident happened in Argentina and has now anchored him in the intensive care unit ICU, and the similar has been established by his father named Etchegoyen. The accident and incident happened when the 24-year-old was recording a videotape from the third floor of his balcony which is in his Villa Carlos Paz home. The popular Argentine newspaper named La Nación reported that Yao Cabrera is in grave condition and the YouTuber has been at the base of multiple scandals after having simulated his demise earlier. The news collected all the news headlines and becomes a serious topic for discussion for all the internet users and also everyone is talking about the whole matter. Be with our page and blog to collect and grasp all the information and details about the matter.

The native of Uruguay has stayed in Argentina for around many years and Yao Cabrera grew to internet fame after documenting his life and had pranked on his colleagues. He has gathered around 9 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel and as part of this, he has also gardened around 9.4 million followers on his official Instagram handle. He has been likened to YouTuber brothers named Logan and Jake Paul and Cabrera has obeyed in their footsteps.

After that, he declared that he would be joining the boxing ring and contesting with a world boxing champion named Marcos Maidana in Dubai. The YouTuber has dismounted himself in jeopardy in the last few years and he was detained for daytime in the year 2016 after stepping into a bicycle hit in a Buenos Aires shopping mall and driving it out of the store without spending for it and the YouTuber said that he did so to make content for his official YouTube channel.

In the year 2020, the YouTuber faked his demise for views two times and the first time he did so was with his colleague named Rosina Valiente, where the two employed ketchup to trick their colleague. In the month of December, the YouTuber made a video where he and his colleagues were seen to be killed by two gunmen who were on bikes. Stay tuned to Dekhnews.com for more information and details about the whole matter.

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