Salman, Shah Rukh, Priyanka Chopra React On AIB Tanmay Bhat Video Controversy

Salman, Shah Rukh, Priyanka Chopra React On AIB Tanmay Bhat Video Controversy :- We have told you about the news and controversy of Tanmay Bhatt video. Everyone was asking to block that video and to arrest Tanmay Bhatt. Raj Thaakery party leaders threatened him.Today we bring some funny pics and answers by the Bollywood star to Tanmay Bhatt.


Not only the leaders but some Bollywood stars gave him a great answer on that video. Everyone has written about Tanmay Bhatt’s video and frankly speaking then it is like giving publicity to the man and more views to that video.

Not only BJP but Congress too asked to ban this video from social media and internet. Tanmay Bhatt should be arrested for his cheap video that insulted our legend of Cricket Sachin and singer Lata Mangeshkar.


But the question is what is the solution? Yes, see below to see all the images and reactions of the Bollywood celebs on Tanmay Bhatt’s video.


Now Tanmay Bhatt got into another controversy, and all credit goes to his snap chat video. Tanmay Bhatt spoofed Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar.


In the video, we saw Sachin swearing and calling Lata Mangeshkar a 5000-year-old woman. Tanmay Bhatt’s video created the buzz all around.


Sachin’s wife said that comedians should understand the difference between comedy and insult. They should think before they make these type of video and criticize it.


Stay tuned with us for more news and information about this controversy.