The Revolution In Technology : 3D Printers – A Magic Wand For The Artist

The Revolution In Technology : 3D Printers – A Magic Wand For The Artist : A new development in the printing technology has changed the way we look at things now. Earlier what used to take place will now be replaced completely with a revolutionary thinking. The paper printing will become obsolete when 3D printers will be available in every house hold and office. A 3D printer can be understood as a simple printer with the only difference being that it is able to print ideas into models that too not just 2D models on a sheet of paper but in 3D using plastic resin technology. I guess this is too much to digest in a single shot. So lets split it up.

3-D printers

The Revolution In Technology : 3D Printers – A Magic Wand For The Artist

How it works?

If you haven’t seen a 3D printer performing its magic then go now and browse some videos on youtube. And if you have been a fan of JETSONS the family from the future then you might get the idea easily. It is like ordering food and the food is presented in front of you by the machine.

The process of 3D printing aka Additive Manufacturing is a general term for any process that is employed to make a 3 dimensional object. The process involves addition of successive layers of materials with the aid of computer programming. The objects can vary is shape, size and geometry. A 3D printer can also be referred to as a type of industrial robot.

Protocol of 3-D Printers Applications

3D printing technology extends its application to any and every field known to man. Be it healthcare or space exploration programs. The far wide application of this amazing technology is being explored by young engineers and creating new designs every day. Soon enough this technology will be used by hobbyists to turn their ideas into real 3D objects and bring about a new era in the world of art. The printing process is not being limited to small scale but real time objects are being manufactured by architects, car designers, and automobile companies. And there is lot more to explore.

As applications of the technology expand and prices drop, the first big implication is that more goods will be manufactured at or close to their point of purchase or consumption. This will mean that more and more goods will be manufactured thereby reducing the demand for the good. As this technology will reach the hands of the consumers, the manufacturing companies will face problems but the consumers will enjoy the benefit of manufacturing customized goods as per their needs. In this regard, design firms will be benefiting by providing customized design to suit the consumer’s needs.

A whole new world waits as this 3D printer changes the way we live. It will certainly bring the revolution in the printing technology as the technology will be considered to be upgraded itself to the next level in this century.


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