3D touch on Facebook Messenger as Apple extended its help to support for 3D touch

Facebook Messenger: Finally Facebook Messenger got the feature of Apple’s 3D touch supporting. Now the user of Facebook could easily browse through the main Facebook app with the ease of the Pressure-sensitive display. The users of Facebook Messenger will receive an update notification of the Messenger app which is limited to iOS devices.


After the updating the messenger, users will be able to use the direct messenger commands with the 3D touch functionality. Recently, this type of update will be available for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus devices. The Messenger icon will only provide the Quick Actions 3D Touch support.

Apple’s 3D Touch support the Facebook Messenger app. It is used for to Peek and Pop the users. It can now quickly use. A quick preview will be gained with this functionality. The user of Facebook Messenger can access the contacts, vidoes, stickers, photos, conversations, links, and locations after the latest update from the Facebook.

This Apple’s 3D Touch will not alter the way of using the Facebook messenger app. The user of Facebook Messenger can feel it slightly faster than the previous one. The Messenger’s users can now be able to press and hold on the screen to preview the location, images, contacts,and much more. The Peek feature of Facebook Messenger allows the user to get a small preview of the content with the simply touch. The Pop feature of Facebook Messenger allows the users to see the entire content on the screen with the firmer press on the screen.

The App of Apple devices features many 3D touch. But the 3D touch technology has not seen a considerable adoption rate. The social netwoking site Facebook also announced its plans of introducing end-to-end encryption for Facebook Messenger app.

The social media giant Facebook announced that it is also testing a new feature like Secret Conversations, supporting end-to-end encryption on demand.