5 facts you didn’t know about mobile gaming 

It’s a highly publicisedpublicized industry with new innovative and exciting creations popping up every single day. Thanks to faster processing speeds and advanced graphics, handheld gaming is swiftly becoming the most popular gaming platform across the globe. That said, no matter how hard you try to stay ahead in the mobile gaming sphere, there are still plenty of surprising facts about the $80 billion industry that you may not know. These vital facts and statistics are changing all the time, but here a 5 things5 things you need to know about mobile gaming right now. 
Unprecedented growth 

We all know the mobile gaming industry is on the up, but by how much exactly? Well, according to MediaKix, it’s predicted that between 2012 and 2021, revenue from mobile gaming will have increased from $12.7 billion to $106.2 billion. That’s an incredible 736%. Thanks to the ease at which gamers can now enjoy their favourite apps, this figure is not only set to be reached but will probably be surpassed. This is due, in part, to the transition from desktop and console gaming to handheld devices, with players now able to enjoy their favourite games, like the free slots offered by Caesars Games, wherever and whenever they want. 

Impressive revenue 

Rapidly increasing revenue within the gaming sphere is one thing, but where exactly does this figure place the industry on a wider map. Believe it or not, mobile gaming revenue figures are currently higher than the GDP of Costa Rica which stands at around $55 billion. It also surpasses all the box office revenues of the world combined which are estimated at just above $40 billion.

There’s no age limit

Recents findings have shown that there are 2.2 billion mobile gamers across the globe, but who exactly makes up this mind-blowing figure? Surprisingly, the number of players across the generations are quite evenly spread, with the most popular age group being players aged 55+. This category of gamers currently makes up around 23% of the gaming population. This is closely followed by players aged 24-35 at 21%, 34-44 at 15% and 18-24 at 14%. Mobile titles are the least popular amongst the younger generation with 13 to 17 year17-year olds making up 8% of the gaming population.

Gender makes a difference

There are also significantly more female than male gamers. Research says around 63% of players are women with the remaining 37% being male. Women are also playing more often with 60% of these gamers playing daily, as opposed to 47% of males. Unsurprisingly therefore, women are also spending more on mobile games with 36% spending money on playing in comparison to 31% of men.

It takes time  

Passing by the hours staring at your mobile phone is easily done, especially if you’ve got a new and intriguing game to hand. It’s for reasons like this that the average gamer in the US spends 23 minutes a day playing their favourite mobile title. This equates to 2.7 hours a week, 5.8 days a year and an incredible 1.3 years per lifetime.

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