Alter: New Photo Editing App with Better Options than Prisma

Alter: New Photo Editing App with Better Options than Prisma :- We all know about Prisma, how it succeeded to become a blockbuster app all because of its caliber to rework your photos with the help of artificial intelligence so that they can become a replica of classical paintings. Though the result is astonishing but there is one loophole which irks most of us is the presence of just limited options available to users which is chosen by Prisma developers. It is not like that the options provided by Prisma are not enough but we all want to have such an option that let us apply the customized visual style which we want to the photos. It would results in the array of limitless possibilities.


New Alter App:

We have one app that has made it possible; we are talking about “Alter” which is taking the advantage of this loophole which we have witnesses in Prisma. This app works in a similar way as that of Prisma but the only difference is that it enables the user to upload any picture which they desire and morphed into the style which you want.

Moreover, it is the first app for neutral-network based photo processing which let the users apply their personal customized styles. With a competitor having an additional feature it looks like Prisma has to buckle up and should add the option of customized style in the upcoming updates.

Faults in Alter:

While using Alter one can face below-mentioned problems:

It does not let the users to tap-to-focus in case they are using built-in camera so we will advise our readers to use the camera of your phone and then upload it on the Alter.

Second, while processing the picture one has to wait for quite some time as it takes a minute or so to process the pictures and this much wait is worth because the end result is quite tempting.

So we would like Alter to make the process of “Redraw” little faster so that users don’t have to wait much. Even with all these faults, Alter is one app which is worth trying.

If you are a prisma fan, still you should try this app because with it you are getting array of options and opportunity to style your photos according to your customized style. This app is free and is currently available on both Android as well as iOS platforms, so whoever wants to download this app can either go to apple store or Google Play store and can enjoy the functionality of this app.