Ashish Nehra’s farewell quotes: His glorious career & last international match

Ashish Nehra’s farewell: YES!! The Indian great bowel Ashish Nehra that declared his retirement, While in the month that Ashish Nehra will be resting of every format of the cricket following the 1st T20I which is opposite the New Zealand team.

While Ashish Nehra, Who is India’s left-arm pacemaker will emphasize in his last match on the Wednesday toward the New Zealand team and were in the 1st T20I match of the 3-match series that his home ground stadium “Feroz Shah Kotla” in the New Delhi. Although the several weeks behind, Ashish Nehra declared as the end of his 18-year former International cricket career.

The achievements of the Ashish Nehra that he performed his ODI appearance which is facing the Zimbabwe in Harare in the 2001 year. While Ashish Nehra struck 144 ODIs for India and he picked up 157 wickets including 6/23 toward the England doing his excellent bowling numbers which appeared in the 2003 World Cup was held in the South Africa.

Also, he, highlighted in the 17 Test matches from the Indian side, then gets the 44 wickets in his job, including the 4/72 holding his excellent in an innings. Further, He did his International appearance in the extended form in the year of 1999, where he performing his 1st Test versus the Sri Lanka in the Colombo.

Including the Ashish Nehra was similarly awesome in his 1st class profession. Where he served the Delhi when he playing 90 matches with 303 wickets to his style.

He has additionally effective in the smallest form of the cricket because he performed 131 T20 matches furthermore He hit 162 wickets and Ashish Nehra work for the India that, he executed the 26 T20Is and took the 34 wickets including the three for the 19 his excellent numbers.

According to the reports, The 1st match of the T20I series, consequently, He appears with two major suggestions. It will highlight Ashish Nehra bowling for the so end time and he gets the bat, however, it’s unavoidable.

Regarded as one of the funniest guys in the Indian dressing room, we take a look at the quotes by Nehra before he retires.

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you and then you win”

“Don’t know if it’s because someone doesn’t like my face. My wife likes my face, so I’m happy”

“It’s good to retire when people are asking why, instead of why not”

“I would like them to remember me as an honest trier. Ek aisa shaqs jisne seekh ke khela nahi par khel ke seekha”

“If you can, then print. If not, then run. Can’t run? Then jog. Won’t jog? Then at least walk! Can’t walk? They crawl but just keep on moving”.

“I am somebody who is not on social media. I am still using my old Nokia”.

“If I could, I would have shaved my head, but that will be too much. Only my teeth will be visible then”.

“I hit Shane Bond for a six. The next ball I was scared and asked Bondy to bowl a straight one and I will give away wicket, but don’t hit me”.