Bareilly Bride Chases Man Running Away From Marriage For 20 Kms, Video Viral

An unusual and humorous incident has been reported from the Bareilly district of Utter Pradesh. The surprising and funny incident has made people crazy and people are trying to know about the incident. The incident is about the absconding of a groom from the Mandap and the bride herself went to find him and caught the groom while boarding to a bus. The incident made the people into laughter. We are sharing with you the news of an amazing story of a strange marriage that has been reported from Bareilly.

Bareilly Bride

The laughing incident has highlighted the woman in the limelight and the woman is in the news for her firmness. Our viewers must be curious to know about the matter. Let’s check out the details of the matter. A bridegroom ran away from the wedding and the woman was disturbed by the move of her to-be husband. The woman was having an affair with the man for around two and a half years. The man belonged to the Badaun district and the wedding was decided by the mutual negotiations between the families of the couple. Somehow the man was denying the marriage.

Bareilly Bride Chases Man Running Away From Marriage

The Mandap was ready at the Bhuteshwar Nath Temple and the bride was waiting for the groom in the temple. But the groom did not reach the temple on time. After noticing so much delay from the groom, the woman got alerted and went to chase him. And at the same time, the bridegroom was boarding the bus and the bride reached and caught the groom. The couple got into conflict on the road and the woman was convincing the man to marry. The people around were making fun of the couple. The bride fully attired in the wedding dress convinced the man and last and returned to Mandap with the groom.

The wedding then occurred in the temple. However, the groom was looking embarrassed during the wedding but agreed to marry somehow. The woman was looking like a winner. The relative was making fun of him. But the woman was feeling victorious while the crowd was enjoying the scene. By all efforts of the bride, the couple’s marriage was solemnised at the Bhimora temple in the presence of both families. The news of the incident went viral on Twitter. As the news went viral, people are making fun of the drama. We have also grabbed the chance to laugh about the news. Stay tuned.

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