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Be IPL Ready with Gamezy’s Super App

The 15th edition of the Indian Premier League is almost upon us. It’s going to be a complete reset with a Mega Auction coming up on 12th and 13th February 2022. There are two new teams featuring this year from Ahmedabad and Lucknow, so lots more matches this year to look forward to in fantasy cricket.

Be IPL Ready with Gamezy’s Super App

Fantasy Sports has been a big deal in India since the advent of Dream 11, but that has evolved into multi-gaming apps with MPL and Gamezy leading from the front. But, even with a lot of games available like Poker, Rummy and casual arcade games to be played with real money prizes, Fantasy Cricket still holds the biggest sway over others.

How big is Fantasy Cricket in India?

Once again all the credit goes to the popularity of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and it’s massive fan-following in India. According to a recent report published by the FIFS (Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports) and consultancy group KPMG, fantasy sports yielded a revenue of approximately Rs.2400 crores in 2020 and is expected to be worth $3.7 billion by 2024.

The idea that you can create a team of your favorite players during the IPL season, choose a captain and vice-captain to win you big money based on how they perform in the real match is a big deal for a lot of Indians.

But, there has come a point where fantasy cricket or fantasy sports have reached a stagnation because of the same way it is played in most apps. There are over 200+ companies big and small, who can give you the fantasy cricket experience, but how do you choose which one is better to play IPL fantasy league games this season?

How to pick the best Fantasy Cricket app?

It’s not an easy choice given the number of apps available on the market. Dream 11 will give you the authentic experience and usually has more prize money available. But, with that comes the increased number of sharks. Sharks are those gamers who are either pros or are bots, who ensure that the money stays within the app. The difficulty to win big on Dream 11 is very high for someone who has just started playing or wants to enjoy the IPL season with some winnings.

MPL has a fancy looking app, it is mostly a super-app and their other games are really good. Fantasy Cricket is not their primary focus at this moment and they just have a generic Fantasy experience on their app. MPL is more focused right now on growing other aspects of their business like; merchandising with the Indian Cricket team.

Gamezy is also a super-app and one of the fastest growing apps available in the market. It took Gamezy just about 3 years to establish themselves among the prime players. The app has some of the best user experience and started off as a fantasy cricket app, before moving onto other games like Rummy and Poker.

But, Gamezy’s control over Fantasy sports has not diminished one bit over the years. They have the most innovative additions to the Fantasy Cricket genre in the industry. Something that has been picked on by other apps as well.

Why Gamezy’s innovations make it the best choice?

Sometimes you might get bored with the same old method of playing fantasy cricket, where you choose one team of 11 players and then have to wait till the T20 or ODI or even a Test match ends before you can claim your winnings if any.

Gamezy wants to build for the users and give everyone a chance to win something. They started the 2nd Innings concept. Here you can build a team just for the 2nd Innings of a match, based on the data of the first innings. So, automatically your winning probability increases and you can also recover your losses from the 1st Innings.

Another innovation that caught on during the IPL season was the ‘Live Fantasy’. Here you can play while the match is going on. Live Fantasy is where you make a team of five players who will earn you points for each 5 over phase and if you win, you get a payout after 5 overs. This increases the number of times you can win during a single match of IPL.

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