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How to bet on sports online legally in India – Legal Online Betting in India

Often, users of online bookmakers have a question: how legal is it to place bets in their country. This issue is particularly acute in India. After all, the largest number of online players is concentrated here, but betting is prohibited.

In our article, we will provide you with full information about whether it is possible to place bets in India and how legal it is.

Your first question – is it legal to bet?

We will immediately give an accurate answer that yes, it is legal. At the moment, no law prohibits the use of any foreign online platforms. They do not fall under the legislation of the country. Any land-based gambling establishments do not work and the introduction of such a business is prohibited and punishable in the country. However, everything is a little more complicated if we talk about legalization in the country or individual states. Let’s figure it out in stages.

More about the history of abolition of the gambling activities

A kind of gambling activity appeared in the country a long time ago and dates back to the beginning of the spread of cricket on the territory of the former English colony. From that moment, an act appeared that directly controls and regulates the gambling situation in the country. This is the Gambling Act of 1867. Since then, any activity, including casinos and sports betting, has been banned in the country. Over time, other acts were added that regulate this issue from many sides, in particular from the financial side.

The most trusted betting sites

For a successful game, you should also choose a decent and legal betting site. You have two options on how to do this. In the first case, conduct a study on all the advantages and disadvantages of the gambling platform, and then make a conclusion. Another option is to use the ratings of the best betting sites from the https://plusbet.in/ . It is based on comments, ratings, bonuses, and other advantages of sites.

How to bet on sports online legally in India - Legal Online Betting in India

  1. Betway;
  2. Casumo;
  3. BollyBet;
  4. 22bet;
  5. Rabona;
  6. Betwinner;
  7. Leon Bet;
  8. Pure Win;
  9. 10Cric;
  10. Parimatch.

How do we identify them?

If we talk in more detail about how we identify a legal betting platform, then the main criterion is the availability of a license. This is a special right of any gambling platform to provide its services legally in the world. Also, it speaks about the safety and reliability of the bookie. We pay special attention to some other aspects such as bonuses, a mobile app, design, reviews, payment system, currencies, support service, sports events, and much more.

What is the real situation in the world of betting in India now?

Everything has changed a lot with the advent of the Internet. Within a couple of years, many companies began to offer online services. Then few people could afford them. But over time, it became a real breakthrough. Online casinos and bookmakers were promoted all over the world.

How to bet on sports online legally in India - Legal Online Betting in India

Now we see that the number of users of online sites has increased to an impossibility. The situation is such that even if gambling is prohibited in the country, foreign sites can easily provide their services. The same situation is in India now. No law in the country prohibits betting online on foreign platforms. For this reason, so many online bookmakers seek to provide their services in this region. This kind of activity is not regulated in any way and players can feel at ease.

Also, not a single case has been recorded when a user of online betting sites has been fined or punished in any way.

All states are independent in their attitude to betting activities

An exceptional feature of India is that the states of the country have every right to decide for themselves how they treat gambling and betting. Moreover, some of them are gradually launching the legalization process. You will be able to find some types of lotteries, betting, and gambling in states such as Sikkim or Goa.

This may be the key to the general legalization of gambling in the country.

Difference between skill and lucky games

It is worth mentioning that there is a special difference between sports games. In India, they are divided into those that can predict the result with the help of skills and experience, and other games are just for luck. In the second case, it means that winning the game depends on a number of factors that cannot be predicted. That is, it’s just luck. An example of such sports betting is cricket. An example of a skill game is horse racing. At the same time, the state itself does not clearly explain this line, where is experience and where is luck. In this situation, betting on skill games is allowed.

What can we expect from the betting world in the future: legalization

If we talk about the process of legalization of the bets, it is expected to happen nothing in the near future. The bottom line is that the government is not interested in it. But, in fact, the legalization will bring a lot of pros. For example, it is extra income in the state budget, more participants in sports events, more job places, and so on.

Only one positive thing is that the states can decide on legalizing the bets or not by themselves. Now, it is the only way to share the ability to place bets legally except online betting India.


How do I determine a legal online bookmaker or not?

You can do this by checking the availability of an international license. If you can find information about it on the website, then use this platform safely.

How soon will sports betting be legalized in India?

We believe that this will not happen in the near future. However, it is likely that more and more states will legalize certain sports for betting.

How legal is it to place bets on foreign online platforms in India now?

This is completely legal since no law in the country would prohibit online platforms. Moreover, there was not a single case when anyone was punished for this.

When did gambling and betting become illegal in India?

The first law on the prohibition of gambling entertainment was adopted in 1867. Nothing has changed since that moment.

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