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Benefits of having a postpaid connection over a prepaid plan

Postpaid connections are the oldest and most popular mobile packs. They are known to provide exciting benefits to customers for the longest time. These include free doorstep SIM delivery, OTT subscriptions, unlimited calling, data packs and lots more.

Thus, many people purchase postpaid connections without hesitating.

Let us help you understand what a postpaid plan is in detail below:

postpaid connection

What is a postpaid connection?

Also known as a contract-based phone plan, a postpaid connection provides a bill at the end or beginning of every month retroactively, rather than proactively.

Since it bills you monthly for the service you use from the network, you (the user) need to have an account with the mobile operator. In addition to this, you will require a good credit record to purchase the plan.

Then, similarly as prepaid plans, you can choose specific bundles that provide unlimited data and calling benefits. But, if you keep using these services even after your monthly allocation, your account will be charged.

Now that you know what a postpaid plan is, let’s proceed further to understand who can use it:

Who can use a postpaid plan?

A postpaid connection is a great option for everyone, including-

  • People looking forward to paying off a mobile handset. However, it is important to consider factors like data-free usage of audio or video streaming services, reward points, or cheap international roaming
  • People who are disciplined with their data usage. On days when they run out of data, automatic top-ups or speed caps will help.

Everyone using a postpaid connection will benefit in several ways. They will be not only able to receive standard benefits, but also additional perks. These include free OTT subscriptions, doorstep delivery, and so on.

Let us understand the many advantages of a postpaid plan in detail below:

     1. Affordable Calling and SMS

Well, this is one of the basic benefits offered by any operator. That’s right. Many leading providers include the basic feature of free local and STD calling such as those in Airtel postpaid plans, Jio and so on.

     2. Free-roaming

The roaming feature allows you (the user) to travel and not get overcharged when you’re not in your country/city. Fortunately, every network operator provides this facility. So, check out a postpaid plan that offers free incoming and outgoing calls when you travel.

     3. Data Rollover

Many telecom operators carry forward the unused data to the next month. This facility is known as the data rollover facility, which is included in many postpaid plans to ensure that you never run out of data.

      4. 24 x 7 Customer Service

Now, we know many of you might overlook customer care service when buying a postpaid plan. But hey, trust us, it is one of the important factors that you need to consider. Why? A good customer care service enhances the user experience of any product and service.

       5. Add-on connections

Many providers offer free additional postpaid connections for family members.

       6. OTT subscriptions and entertainment

OTT app subscriptions, such as Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, ZEE5, and Amazon Prime Video are often provided by leading telecom operators at low costs along with the postpaid plan.

        7. Strong network

A strong network connection indicates zero call dropouts and interruptions with internet speed. Thus, it is important to choose an operator that provides a strong network to accomplish your daily activities.

        8. Open Network

Open network technology lets you check network towers in and around the area of your home or office. So, look for a provider that offers a platform, which gives everyone access to mobile tower maps, weak spots, strong signal zones, and so forth.

postpaid connection

Many telecom operators offer the above-mentioned benefits in most of their plans. Wondering who?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best telecom operators who offer attractive benefits in their postpaid plans. So, come, let’s find out below:


     1. Airtel

Airtel offers some attractive advantages, such as free family add-on connections with unlimited calls, free OTT subscriptions, handset protection, etc. You can also avail the MNP facility such as Airtel MNP sim port through the website.

Below is a list of plans with better benefits:

Price Data with RolloverCallingSMSBenefits
Rs. 39940 GBUnlimited100Access to the Airtel Xstream app
Rs. 49975 GBUnlimited100Amazon Prime, Airtel Xstream app access, handset protection, Disney+ Hotstar
Rs. 999100 GBUnlimited100One regular + 2 free family add-on connections, handset protection, Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and free access to Airtel Xstream


  2. Jio

Reliance Jio’s strong network and affordable prices have quickly garnered massive popularity. Therefore, it has become an irresistible option for many people.

Here’s a list of some of the plans that offer exciting benefits:

Price Data CallingSMSBenefits
Rs. 59975 GBUnlimited100Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, Netflix, and JioTV subscriptions for a year.
Rs. 799100 GBUnlimited100Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, Netflix, and JioTV subscription for a year.
Rs. 999150 GBUnlimited100Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, Netflix, and JioTV subscription for a year.


   3. Vodafone Idea

After Idea’s merger with Vodafone, this network has emerged as one of the top players in India; mainly due to its exciting advantages, such as affordable prices, travel benefits, unlimited calls, and 4G data, weekend data rollover, and so forth.

Below is a list of their plans:

Rs. 49975 GBUnlimited100Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, Vi Movies TV subscription for a year
Rs. 699UnlimitedUnlimited100Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, Vi Movies TV subscription for a year
Rs. 1,099UnlimitedUnlimited100Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, Vi Movies TV subscription for a year


   4. BSNL

It is one of the reliable network providers, which aims to offer strong network connectivity even in rural areas.

Some of their best postpaid plans with a strong network are as follows:

Rs. 52550 GBUnlimited100Additional family SIM card, unlimited voice facility, no free data/SMS
Rs. 99975 GBUnlimited1003 family connections, unlimited voice facility
Rs. 1,525UnlimitedUnlimited100NA


To sum up, postpaid plans are advantageous in several ways. It helps in staying connected with your loved ones, watching OTT content, using mobile data, and so forth. All in all, it is a great option for everyone who prefers contract-based mobile plans.

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