10 Side-Splitting Sitcoms You Can Binge This Weekend

No matter the weather, sometimes you just want to grab a bag of popcorn and binge-watch TV. There are few ways better to relax and enjoy the weekend. So if you’re ready for the hilarity to ensue, check out one of these great streaming options.

1) The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd is a British sitcom classic. Aired between 2006 and 2010, the show follows three crazy characters who work in the IT department in the basement of a London office tower. These oddballs are a hilarious combination of laziness, awkwardness, and comic charm. You’ll also enjoy the nostalgia of flip phones, early social media, online dating, and more.

Available on Netflix.

2) Master of None

Netflix’s award-winning sitcom follows a fictionalized version of Aziz Ansari navigating the social world of New York. However, it’s more than just a sitcom as it dives into deep issues like race, gender politics, and family all with the comedian’s signature good humor and gentle touch. There are currently two seasons available, making it the perfect choice for an entire weekend of fun.

Available of Netflix.

3) Modern Family

Modern Family is one of the most popular shows of the last decade. Now, the entire series is available online for streaming. The mockumentary sitcom follows the lives of several families, all related to each other, living in Los Angeles. It’s an amazing combination of goofball comedy, heartwarming stories, and just the right dash of sarcasm.

Available on Netflix.

4) Pen15

Hulu’s new series is a glimpse into everyone’s favorite time of life—middle school! Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle play teenage versions of themselves in the year 2000. You get a taste of gel pens, notebooks, and all the other hallmarks of the early 00s. From the first day of school to temptations like skipping school, it’s a hilarious look back into youth.

Available on Hulu.

5) Veep

Veep has won almost every award out there. Veep focuses on Vice President Selina Meyer portrayed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The show has long been considered one of the funniest on TV with its strong ensemble cast and cynical look into US politics. Even if you’re not from the US, you’ll love the outrageous banter between characters.

Available on HBO Go.

6) Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If you’ve ever asked yourself what the comedian Andy Samberg would be like in a police show, then this is the perfect option for you. Centered on the energetic detective, the show hit hardest in the comedy and showcases Samberg signature silliness. A very strong cast including Terry Crews who plays his massively muscled sergeant with a heart of gold also balances Samberg’s flamboyance making it a perfect watch.

Available on Netflix.

7) Arrested Development

Arrested Development is a cult classic. The first three seasons were a hit with critics and fans because of its unique humor and interesting plotlines. Unfortunately, Fox had to cancel it due to low ratings. However, as more people fell in love with the show, a revival movement led to Netflix commissioning a fourth season. The second half of season 5 just debuted and the show continues to live up to its reputation

Available on Netflix.

8) Barry

SNL alum Bill Hader stars as Barry, an ex-marine sniper/hitman who’s just trying to pull his life together. He chooses to do this by enrolling in acting course led by Gene Cousineau portrayed by Henry Winkler. The show is dark and sometimes intense, but it also hits hard on the comedy, making it a must-see.

Available on HBO Go.

9) Community

Before the sensation of Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon was best known as the creator of the incredible sitcom Community. This show is one of the best-written comedies on TV and is an excellent combination of strange, comedic, brilliant, and bizarre. The result is a fantastic series that also provides an insight into the peculiar workings of TV.

Available on Hulu.

10) Kim’s Convenience

Set in Toronto, Canada, this show follows a Korean-Canadian family who runs a convenience store. However, there’s much more to it as they try to navigate the crazy world of customers, family, and the quickly changing world around them. Kim’s Convenience has swept Canadian awards and features some great new faces on the comedy scene.

Available on Netflix.

Some Amazing TV Shows to Binge Watch this Weekend

There’s no shortage of appealing TV shows for you to binge watch, not just this weekend, but for the entire month! However, not all shows are available on these platforms depending on your location. For example, HBO Go only works in a handful of countries. This is where a VPN (a virtual private network) comes in handy. With a VPN for streaming, you can get around region blocks and watch one of these great programs no matter where you are in the world.